Sprouting Seeds…

It is finally the season to start seeds! These amazing little speckles that when watered, nurtured, warmed, and illuminated wake up and sprout slowly to life. A continuously fascinating rebirth that I am always so eager for! While waiting for the arrival of small green sprouts poking there way through the soil, I examine intensely, each day, after planting in hopes to see something. This ongoing experience, along with its nagging counterparts, anticipation and anxiety, always send me into a pattern of doubt questioning; am I able to do this yet again? What if nothing happens? The nervous apprehension turns to excitement as little by little I begin to see green leaves of reassurance emerging from the soil. This year it has happened much quicker than expected because I have ventured into using LED lights. Upgrading from my perfect old, lattice windowsill, which is still housing some fast growing tomatoes and store bought annual herbs, I have now realized plants, once sprouted, grow much faster under lights. This is great to know for next year, but the downfall of living in WI, for a gardener, is the weather; it stays cold and usually freezes at least once more before the end of May. This has now bred all the results of a tedious waiting process since the plants continue to keep growing bigger and the weather refuses to warm up once and for all. I live in Zone 5 and the last frost date is always the end of May. Every year I hope to transplant in mid-May but most veggies don’t go out until June. It’s a torturous waiting process!

6 plants

This year I am venturing into the wonderful world of growing more herbs! They truly are my calling and everything about them makes me smile and feel comforted. Their ability to be some of the first plants to spring up in my cold climate, chives/lemon balm/catmint, gives me such a wonderful sense of resilience and hope. They signify the start of spring for me when little else has decided to begin waking up. Lemon Balm is by far one of the my favorite herbs, the lemon flavor brightens any tea and smells incredible. It is believed to have a calming affect which is apparent the minute I begin to smell it. Its ability to aid in digestion makes it a dear friend to me since I have suffered my whole life with IBS.

1 plants

Some new herbs I have started for transplant is Calendula, Toothache Plant, Cornflower, Poppy, and Skullcap. The growth and color on these baby plants is amazing. They grew quickly and the Calendula, Toothache Plant, and Cornflower really seem hearty and strong. Skullcap is growing at a very steady pace and this plant will be utilized quite often for its abilities to calm the nerves and assist with sleeplessness. My husband suffers from both, sometimes I think one triggers the other, and I am committed to healing him as naturally and effectively as possible. Luckily he is an avid tea drinker and will eat just about anything that is healthy for him. We drink tea daily and it has introduced a new realization for me; when it is thought of as medicine circulating through my system the taste changes and a relationship is formed. Herbs to me are companions I could and will never live without!

~Meditate, Drink Tea, & Heal~

“May the environment enrapture you and give you a fuller life through its beauty that is natural, boundless, and essential!”







The research I have compiled is not meant to be a medical treatment or cure. It is based on information I have gathered and should be read as a suggestion/basic information for educational purposes. If you have not used herbs and are unsure about possible side effects please contact a licensed medicinal herbalist or medical doctor. Most herbs are not recommended for children or women who are pregnant/breastfeeding.



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