Fiddlehead Ferns…

First I walked the shores of Lake Michigan collecting stones for a project I plan to do with students at my daughter’s school. Choosing carefully and selecting small pebbles smooth and round to use as design pieces in mini herb gardens. I will follow-up next month with some finished examples!

Next my family and I went foraging for Fiddlehead Ferns. Last year I was too late and picked quite a few without realizing they needed to still be curled up to be edible. It was very disappointing, but helped me remember the best time of year to search for them and what they should look like. My daughter loved this new activity of hunting, exploration, and discovery. She has always been naturally drawn to nature and is starting to appreciate the excitement of plant identification and the discovery of edibles out in the wild. 

As we headed down the beach to a creek I decided I wanted to look for more. There’s something exciting and very rewarding about foraging for edibles! I love recognizing the leaves of new strawberry, raspberry, and thimbleberry plants starting to emerge. I can’t wait to go back soon and explore the woods; this time for berries!

After arriving at the creek, I could tell by the wet, mossy landscape there were likely to be Fiddleheads near by. As I walked, always looking down, trying to notice small mounds of moss, I walked right into Fiddlehead forest. A place where old, new, and in between existed beside one another. The location I will be sure to head straight to next year.

I took note of this hidden location as I walked out after filling my bag to the brim. Mission accomplished! 

A beautiful afternoon spent by the shores of Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay, WI with the ones I love (5/6/2017)….. 

A memory to document and cherish. The wind was briskly blowing on the beach, yet the woods were calm, only a few feet away. Enraptured by the peace nature brings in such a tumultuous world; this was a brief escape from it all. The running of a stream, conversations between birds, small treasures like Mullein leaves for my daughter’a collection, and the wildness. A wildness that recenters, reconnects, & reaffirms what only nature can; healing powers are hidden in it’s strewn bounty. I cherish, respect, & value it as the house that sustains us. Our critical, wonderous lifeline.


5 thoughts on “Fiddlehead Ferns…

  1. Fiddleheads are so good! On our coffee walk this weekend I was telling my husband about wild red clover and other ground food my father taught us we could eat. Spring greens are delicious.

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