It’s All Coming Together…

On Mother’s Day I went with my husband and children to buy the rose bush I’ve been planning to get. It’s called, Easy to Please, a Floribunda, which I chose mainly because of the cinnamon/clove fragrance/flavor and then as a bonus it is hardy and very disease resistant. Oh, and easy. It is, as the name implies, easy to please.

The flowers will be a fuchsia/magenta color with bits of white mixed in. I hope it stays healthy and grows well!

I also transplanted some more of the herbs I grew from seed. My herb garden is officially underway! The Butterfly Pea and Gogi seeds are planted and hopefully, soon, there will be tiny signs of life and reassurance that germination is happening. Every day I will go out and inspect the ground where the seeds have been laid, waiting eagerly for new life to begin its emergence.

The sugar snaps are now making their way out of the soil, rising up towards one of the many self-constructed trellises in my garden. 

I have a bit of an obsession with bamboo poles. It has brought out the amateur engineer in me, while fitting my budget and simplistic ways. I love what I have been able to do with some inexpensive bamboo poles and zip ties. It adds character and dimension while giving me an ability to add my own creativity to this wonderous gardening space.

My daughter’s little area of the garden is still my favorite! The first trellis I ever constructed is now home to a second year honeysuckle. It’s the third year for this makeshift trellis. I guess some extra reinforcements last year did the trick!


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