Click & Watch the Ted Talk by Jacqueline Novogratz

I wanted to share a video from Ted Talks that I viewed the other day. It really moved me, and Jacqueline Novogratz speaks with such eloquence about her experiences and the need for immersion as a way to truly understand, empathize, and care for others in the world around us. I think these ideas need to be talked about daily and we all need to realize the stories and truths behind the complexities of humanity. I do truly believe all the small acts of kindness and generosity we put forth do add up, and if we try to immerse ourselves more often and refuse to separate and distance our lives from the hardships and inequality that surrounds us, it will create more understanding and compassion.


The world needs more love❤️

Both for humanity👣 & its Mother🏞️

The world needs more truth & compassion

Both for humanity👣 & its Mother🏞️

Greed & Self-Interests run rampant while we spiral out of control🌪️

Spinning & Deteriorating more and more quickly

The pain, the heartache💔, the suffering

Why must it perpetuate, why are lessons never learned?

The chaos, the greed, the exploitation, with no concern for HEALTH & WELL BEING

I DESPERATELY YEARN for Healthy minds, healthy hearts, healthy bodies, a healthy Earth

Like so many unhealthy cycles, this one continues over and over to what seems like no end🔄…

Taking advantage of the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, RAVENOUS/INSATIABLE/GREEDY💰=POWER

Out of balance, taking more than their fair share, blaming others, filling their pockets, lying, cheating, turning a blind eye

Rise up commoners, let your voices be heard📣 with your actions, gestures, and habits. It’s time to gather, in numbers, like the blocks of a pyramid stronger as we build up, rise to the top, and create a summit of strength, perseverance, & solidarity….

Our most effective weapon is humble UNITY by Humanity for Posterity.

Peace☮️, Love❤️, and Understanding🕊️,



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