A Bunch of Edible Flowers &…..

My first Poppy!!!! I have been waiting and watching my Poppies for days as they tease me by uncurling their stems and appearing like they are about to open at any moment. Every morning I have been peering out the back window, waiting to see something new. Well it finally happened this morning, and I ran out immediately to take a few photos! Here it is!


I grew several Poppy plants from seed that I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and this first blossom is more stunning than I imagined! The other flowers pictured above I also grew from seed and they are a collection of Calendula, Cornflower, and one Ice Pansy. The Pansy seeds I just direct seeded, and its debut surprised me one day since I didn’t know any had actually sprouted.

Unification with Nature

Its appearance is a fulfillment of time & dedication,

Its tiny seed dropped ever so carefully into the dark.

Add water, warmth, nutrients, & light,

Watching, waiting, its emergence gives satisfaction & reassurance,

Growing, developing, maturing, & blossoming into everything ever hoped for.

Dedication that reaps rewards of connection, understanding, & creation….

Sacrifice allowing soulful insight into the depths of the natural world,

To be able to see, touch & observe all stages of life from birth to death.

A truly humbling, enlightening, revitalizing, & rewarding intimacy; the unification with nature.

Happy Saturday!


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