21 Years…

This is a post from my other blog I wanted to share today. As always, thanks for reading!

My Father's Story from his youngest daughter's heart and memory one paragraph at a time....(Read from the bottom up to read the full story)

Oddly enough I don’t usually remember this day-the day that my father died-21 years ago. It usually passes like any other day. I think of him on October 16 because it was his birthday as well as, my sister’s birthday and my parent’s anniversary. That made it quite the day in our household so much it seemed like it should be designated an official holiday. Then there are holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when I get nostalgic and sentimental about the times passed and my emotions creep up when I least expect. Having children has made it easier to focus on the new much more than the old, but there is always something missing and when I get overwhelmed or frustrated by the broken family that I have been left with, it saddens me in a way that others don’t always see or recognize; those moments of melancholy that bring…

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