Stages of Beans…


This is my second year growing Cherokee Beans from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and I just love them! They grow like crazy and I made jars upon jars of dilly beans from them last year which were absolutely delicious, and it was my first attempt at hot water bath canning. They grow in abundance and will keep producing through the end of summer and into fall. After having them literally take over my garden last year and turn it into a mini jungle, I decided to minimize them to 3 plants this year. I am excited to see them looking healthy and beautiful as ever!

Happy gardening!


6 thoughts on “Stages of Beans…

  1. I was just fascinated with your first image because it looks like you have a strand of pearls in that picture. Very cool effect that rope made. And good for you for gardening. I’ve been wanting a vegetable garden but due to the critters and deer that frequent our property that means we would have to put up a fence around the entire garden and fencing across the top as well. Right now we have so much going on in life that just the thought of doing that makes me cringe. Again, good for you!!! 🤗🌹

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