Bird feeders that just grow…

The picture above is a drawing my 9 year old daughter made today upon my request. I have never taken a photo of an American Goldfinch so I thought this would be the next best thing!💖😊✍️

A few things I have discovered through gardening, about sunflowers, is they are self-seeding, resilient, and amaze me every year. They start as nothing but a seed and then within a few months tower above me like a tree in the forest. My favorite realization is they naturally attract and feed one of my favorite birds….the American Goldfinch🌻! As I gaze out the back window and see these petite, quick, bright yellow birds bob & flutter from one flower top to the other, I can’t help but smile. I have now given up on manufactured bird feeders and rely solely on these beautiful flowers! They never disappoint and literally, just grow now without any effort from me. They are always a sight to see (and the bumblebees love💞them)!…..


6 thoughts on “Bird feeders that just grow…

  1. Natural is best, Anne, that I do know. I have Hummingbirds and Baltimore Oreoles (I think that is how that is spelled) and I’ve opted not to use the manufactured hummingbird food with red dye in it. Instead I use organic sugar with filtered water. I cringe at the thought of all these feeders with food dyes in them.
    I’m passing on a secret to you. If you really want your colors to “pop” photograph in shade or on a cloudy day. Surprise. You will be amazed at the difference. 😉

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