I think my tinctures saved me!…..

I have been hesitant to write this post, afraid that I would prematurely speak and then something would happen. My mind has been anxious and paranoid for over a week now, ever since my son got sick with some sort of stomach bug. His first illness where he was complaining his stomach hurt and then, suddenly the cough that led to……puking. I hate the waiting part more than taking care of the sick child. The constant wondering if that belly ache or this feeling and that feeling is going to lead to me throwing up and shitting at the same time. It is torture at times; mental torture! Trying to prevent what may be the inevitable but keep a positive attitude as I catered to his needs and tried to help him feel as comfortable as I could. Then the situation escalated but not right away…..

My husband started to get the runs and nauseous feeling a few days after our son got sick after we had pretty much convinced ourselves it was probably his immature immune system reacting to something we had all been exposed to before; all while he was out trying to go to rummage sales (he’s in resale, mostly antiques and collectibles: Justin’s Ebay Store ). By nighttime he was sick, throwing up, and stayed up all night with whatever stomach bug had now invaded two of the four bodies in our house. This now left just me and my daughter in the unknown/waiting/paranoid zone.

Well, by 3 a.m. my daughter was in my room informing me in a very sweet and hesitant voice that she was not feeling well and was starting to shiver and feel cold. Half asleep, I hate being woken up and tend to be lazy unless I feel there is a sudden emergency, I advised her to put warmer pajamas on and go down by her father who was up and already sick. This ended up kind of being a bonding experience for the two of them. They both handle puking very well. This is coming from someone who avoids it as much as I can and starts to cry and get very overwhelmed if I do end up doing it repetitively. My daughter and her dad simply went and ran to the bathroom or grabbed a pan when eruption was on the horizon, rinsed, washed, and came back together in the living room to joke and laugh about it. She never complained about it the whole time and ended up throwing up the most, about every hour for 11 hours straight. She utterly amazed me with her whatever/no big deal attitude!!!!

Well, it is now Monday evening, August, 14, 2017, and the last person to get sick, my daughter, got sick last Wednesday, early morning. I am crossing my fingers that I am in the clear. Having Irritable Bowel Syndrome has made it an anxious 8 days. I have cleaned up others’ puke and poop, more than once, and it has abruptly reminded me how parenthood really exposes a person to very primal experiences. I am also very grateful for my go to cleaner; distilled vinegar. That and a few essential oils worked wonders for every clean-up I had!!

Over the course of the last week I have had a lot of time, as I was dealing with all this mess and sickness, to ponder and analyze the possibilities of why; when we spend so much time together as a family and I maintain the children and household on a daily basis, is it that I was somehow lucky enough to avoid this prolonged, exhausting, insides altering, still after a week later and my son is not back to “normal” bowel movements, horrible sickness? After thinking and considering any differences in choices/hygiene between myself and the others, I came up with a few possibilities: I share food less often with the children, we stayed at a hotel recently and I did not go into the hot tub at all (the other three did at least momentarily), and I have been taking tinctures; especially lemon balm and skullcap, for over a month on a daily basis. After reading and refreshing my memory, again, about the benefits of these two tinctures as well as, the other two I recently started taking a few days before anyone got sick; shepherd’s purse and yarrow, I think there is a very good possibility that they may have been my saving grace. What a rewarding thing to discover!

Since making my first tinctures and straining them, I decided I needed to try them, personally, to see their effects. I don’t feel I can positively and reassuringly give people suggestions on the benefits and uses of these tinctures, unless I have at least tried most of the ones I am making and distributing. I did just give two tinctures to a friend who has tried some from her acupuncturist in the past. Hopefully she will see the same wonderful results I have been experiencing. Some preventative and body altering results that I have never found through any other modification to lifestyle or diet, leading me to be even more grateful for this new passion of mine!

Sorry for the explicit information, but it is much worse going through it! I hope you found it entertaining and I plan to follow up this post with additional information on the tinctures I have been taking and their benefits; both from research online and my own personal documentation as I use them for some specific issues I have dealt with for many years. It will get a bit personal, but I hope it can help at least one person who may deal with some of these same womanly battles/discomforts.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



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