It made me jump…. 

As I was collecting some herbs and Borage flowers yesterday, something made me jump back, startled. I hadn’t noticed it hanging on the bird netting right in front of me and then noticed it out of the corner of my eyes. When I brought my eyes into focus on it, it almost didn’t seem real, as if someone had hung a decorative outdoor art piece in front of my raspberry bushes. Yet, there it was so beautiful and exquisite, as real as could be. I ran in to get my son and husband so they too could see this miraculous little insect eating creature…

Dragonflies just absolutely amaze me! I am so glad I got to see it up close and personal because this is one of the many, many, many rewards to gardening!!! My son even got to gently touch it while it hung, calmly in front of us! Happy Friday🌻☀️💕~Anne

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