A book I happened upon… 

There is something about books that just captivates me even though time and distractions keep me from being a more well read lover of books. We have collected many over time and they have filled bookshelves, old crates, tables, and various alcoves and shelves all around the house. Being a parent means I always feel like there is something else to be doing when I sit to read and darn technology sucks me in all too often (mostly current events’ articles, at least). All this prevents me from reading as often and in the quantity I would like to, but there is a new trick that has been helping a bit.

I really enjoy browsing through books at the bookstore and library. From my experiences it is always easier to commit to starting and actually finishing a book if there is a time restraint. This probably comes from years and years of books being assigned in school with the understanding there would be follow up, either with a test report, or paper. This is a requirement I have grown to miss from college because there were some really amazing books I was introduced to with the expectation that they be read by a certain date; I need deadlines because it keeps me committed. That’s where the library has helped me.

I continue to be pretty laxed about my reading habits but with a library book there is only so many times I can renew before I have to return it. There may be exceptions and ways around this, but I don’t want to know because this 4 month time limit should be plenty for me to finish a book. When the pressure is on I am more capable of finding those opportune moments to squeeze in some well needed reading time. My new found favorite place is at the park while my children play and get some energy out. Then we are both getting a reward 🤸📖!

A few months back while browsing through the non-fiction section of the library near the herbal books section a book caught my eye, and after picking it up and reading the synopsis I decided to check it out in hopes it would peek and keep my interest. It may be months later and I’m still not done🤣, but I know I WILL finish it. This book has enraptured my soul and allows me an escape into a time period that, at this point in my life, I yearned for; not even realizing it. An introduction to a person and his contributions to math and science that captivates both the retrophiliac and the researcher in me. I have extreme admiration for the extraordinary commitment this historical philosopher, mathematician, & mystical scientist had for his interests and studies.

The book I am referring to is……

It truly did seem to “find me” at the right moment in my life. My age and interests now allow me to appreciate and think about what it has to offer my senses that would have been lost on my younger, less intuitive self. These are the moments when I can recognize and be grateful for the aging process and the wisdom that little by little is accumulating through experiences like this. As an aspiring herbalist it has also complimented my studies, and the library deadline is now my pseudo professor😉!

Happy reading, exploration, & discoveries!!!


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