Bobbing and Weaving…..Gotcha!

Well, he’s been visiting for days, and I am ecstatic about it!! Last year I did not have many nasturtiums, and yes this is the flower that I think is the key to why he is now taken territory in my garden. Not only did I make sure to plant them this year, but they were the vining type which crawled and sprawled everywhere!! Beautiful, edible, and nutritious. The perfect addition to spice up, literally with their radish like zing, any salad. My mom thought the bat flower would do the trick but the real lure was the Naturtiums!!

Difficult to photo but I did my best. Whenever I got close he zipped away to somewhere else. Can you find him?


I never saw any last year and now this is the third or fourth time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him; yesterday and today he put on a show. Hummingbirds were my father’s favorite; as is mine. There is just nothing quite like a beautiful, quick, zippy little hummingbird visiting the garden. It completes the growing season and makes me so grateful these flowers grew and grew this year–spreading their tendrils in, out, over, around, and through all the other plants.

The best part is that these started blooming over 3 months ago and as the temperatures stay mild, they continue to blossom and add bright, gorgeous orange flowers to the now dwindling garden.

I began the task of taking down the dried out, dying sunflowers yesterday and clearing some of the dead plants in my herb garden. The one sunflower was so large and tall that it is the closest I will know to chopping down a tree, at least so far, in my lifetime. It AMAZES me how dense and hearty these flowers are. I can’t imagine my garden without them!!


It is difficult to part with my garden this time of the year but my root vegetables, squash and nasturtiums are keeping me content. There is therapy in taking down the old, dried out stalks, vines, and foliage for the season. It is preparation for the next year. Soon I will add leaf mulch and compost so the soil can decompose over the winter and build up nutrients for next year, keeping roots in the garden to break down, and also planting some garlic cloves once it gets cold enough.

This year my compost bin was relocated to the backyard instead of on the other side of our garage, and it made a HUGE difference. It not only is full of healthy compost soil this year, but since it is in such close proximity to my raised bed, the location is now much more convenient for when I need to add little bits of soil to my beets; turnips; carrots; kale; mustard greens, and lettuce plants. It worked wonderfully this year compared to last, which I believe is a direct result of its new location because I could be more attentive to it and turn it weekly, adding chopped Comfrey leaves to it every few weeks, and putting food/paper/yard scraps in it more often!! I also have a red worm wiggler bucket system, but I find this outdoor one to be easier, more productive, and does not have any unwanted critters (small flies) in it.


Every season brings with it new lessons, experiences, research, trials, and tribulations (mostly pests). Each year I attempt to try something new (using lights to start seeds/making tinctures/drying more herbs), add different/new plants (herb garden/grapes), add more growing space (raised bed/additional garden), and continue to build knowledge about aspects of gardening I was not aware of before(reading/experiencing/adding new techniques). Then there is the re-reading of information that brings with it the chance that it will finally stick, and I can start to naturally, without having to question it, give advice that is now a tidbit of wisdom that I have memorized and finally remember and understand. Oh the gardening herbalist I dream to be!!

As I bake with my squash, pull out some root vegetables, plant some garlic, use my tinctures, prepare the garden for winter and make my new traditional Christmas cookies; I will continue to share my experiences and photos throughout fall and winter!

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers who have joined me for this journey and continue to read my posts, like, and comment!! I truly appreciate your recognition and support!



7 thoughts on “Bobbing and Weaving…..Gotcha!

  1. What a beauty! We went up into the mountains quite some time ago and I was surprised how many hummingbirds I saw there. They are a delight to watch and difficult to capture on camera 😉 Love that you are doing all the things I wish I could. I keep hoping…. someday. Keep up the good work!

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