“What was my mother’s middle initial?” 

Now that it’s over and I have a bit more time on my hands, for a minute, I must share the exciting news! My daughter, who just turned 10 had her first part in a play this past weekend. It was through a wonderful children’s theater that has been in our community since I was little, Evergreen’s Next Door Theater. She had a small part,  but it still required A LOT of commitment and dedication. She learned so much about expectations, taking directions, being responsible and interacting with new people; young and old. The play was wonderful and with our love of nature and all its creatures, very dear to our hearts! The play they performed was……. Charlotte’s Web🐷🐑🐀🦆🕷️🕸️🎭!!!!
She played the part of Aranea, one of Charlotte’s babies as well as, a spectator. It was performed all by children and they started rehearsing the end of August and had 6 performances this past weekend. It was also my daughter’s 10th birthday on Sunday, so quite the busy time for all of us, but mostly me. It required planning, transporting, scheduling, hair dressing, and volunteering. It was WELL WORTH IT though!! 

My daughter is the middle one in light blue😊

The hardest part, other than the time commitment, was doing her hair. She had to have it done in two Dutch braids for every performance, but her hair is VERY thick which she despises, but will learn to appreciate. I usually only braid it part way because it is SO difficult to do all of it. Well, this was required, and I faced the challenge and succeeded. She also learned more tolerance and what it takes to be in a play in regards to hair, makeup, and costume changes.  By Sunday we were relieved it was the last day of doing her hair!!

She really enjoyed her experiences and plans to try out for another this winter. I am so proud of her new endeavor and love for theater. It is something I did not foresee in her future when she was younger. I will never forget her telling us she “had stage fright” in first grade. I didn’t even realize she knew this expression, but I understood her fear because it is something I developed as I grew older. Over the course of a few years and a school that promotes and encourages public speaking, she is now in 4th grade and VERY comfortable being in front of people. I am beyond PROUD of her!!!

On her birthday in her spectator costume, with her new friend who played, Uncle, the pig.

It was a beautiful play that reminds us of how friendships can be forged between the most unlikely of creatures, and about the transcendence of life; as one life ends another is born to carry on in its place. It’s not how long we live, but what we do while we’re here that matters!!! 



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