In a recent post, Herbalism & a Healthy Lifestyle…, I discussed some of the things I have been doing lately to improve my wellness routine and habits. One is exercising at the YMCA 2-3 times a week, and second is incorporating more regular reading into my daily repertoire.  My son keeps me on track and sticking to my YMCA commitment because he goes to the daycare there for about an hour and plays while I’m working out. This is me trying to get healthier while trying to prepare him for 4K next year. He LOVES to go and play so much that I exercised 3 times last week for the first time because he was adamant that we go. The added bonuses were: I had a very persuasive motivator encouraging me to get some exercise that was hard to say “no” to, and the plus for my son was that they were having a program called, Rainbow Rompers, from 10-11 a.m., so he got to play in the amazing gymnasium. It had a trampoline, foam pit, spring board, balance beams, and lots of room to run!!

Another part of my wellness routine is trying to read more and it is something I save for last when exercising. It is the reward at the end of the workout. After lifting some weights and putting in 15-20 minutes on the elliptical machine, it all ends with 10-15 minutes on the bike, cooling down, all while enjoying a good book! I actually think of my father-in-law when I do this because years back when my daughter was young and I was putting a similar plan into action to prepare her for preschool, he would sometimes come in to exercise too, and he always rode the bike and read a book. This man is an extremely talented master guitar player, Bob Balsley, and avid reader. His favorite is Sci-Fi!! He actually believes he damaged his eyesight reading by dim light from under the doorway when he was younger because his mother and father forbade him to read too late at night.


When I was younger and had more time and interest in books, I read quite a bit. I have reconnected with this habit of reading, again, in my life and it has become essential to me. It is something I was unable to do very much of when I was working while also trying to raise a child and keep a house together. I’ve found that being a stay at home mom has allowed me one essential thing that I am grateful for; time. Time to plan and do things little by little instead of squeezing them in at the last minute and feeling super stressed and frazzled, time to read and stay informed keeping my mind healthy and knowledgeable, time to exercise, garden, do yoga, and spend time at a park; enjoying the fresh air and time spent with my child(ren) in a way that is beneficial to all of us.

It allows me time to stay on top of chores and keeping the house up day by day, instead of cramming it in all in on the weekend, which is what I would do when I was working. So much of my obligations would get pushed aside over the week, and then all I did was play catch-up on the weekends while also trying to fit in some “quality time” with my family or friends. We may not have tons of money or amenities, but life is slower, more relaxed, allows us more time to enjoy the quality of our days together, and it’s very rewarding! The change I really like the most is that I rarely ever “run late” anymore. It allows me to be a very aware and much more conscientious driver; which was much more difficult before. The trade-offs ARE worth it (mostly due to the amount of quality time spent interacting with one another as a family)!

I am currently reading the Four Purposes of LIFE by one of my all time favorite authors, Dan Millman. The other book I’ve read of his is the Laws of Spirit which is very dear to my heart and gave me a wonderful guide for life (the Laws of Spirit).

An excerpt that really resonated with me, because I really connected with the story, was the one about Julia Marsala on pg. 41:

“Julia Marsala is an intelligent and industrious woman who loves to read and stay well-informed. In high school she maintained close to a straight A average, but in college, like many students in liberal arts, she lacked a clear career objective or path and changed majors several times. Despite her lack of career direction or ambition, Julia demonstrated a strong work ethic and an inclination for service, which would become a lifelong calling…..”

She goes on to finish college, much faster than I did, but does get married and then decides to stay at home as a mother and homemaker. She worked part-time while they were in school and volunteered when she was no longer working. Then later on she discovers an interest in mythology. She studies and learns about it on her own and even shares her knowledge about it to others a few times. Unfortunately, she never does make a profit from her knowledge but she did find her CALLING. The chapter this is taken from is called, Finding your Career and Calling, about the purpose in life of discovering the thing you LOVE to do but realizing it may be different from your career. They can overlap but should not be imbalanced because both are necessary for health and vitality, and if out of balance, can cause pain and misfortune.

My calling is plants and herbalism. It is amazing to have finally discovered this and my hope is that everyone can find something they truly love; without hesitation. It’s a VERY important thing to possess. As I delve more into this field, I wonder and dream that it could one day be a career; in hopes it will, ultimately, help others with their health and well-being. Just like Julia in the story, I too have really just wanted to help people as far back as I can remember. Her path has unfolded differently in time sequence and certain details than my own, but her personality seemed very similar to mine. It is always wonderful to see ourselves in others and feel those connections.

It is those same connections that I have experienced over and over when reading blogs. The personal stories and honesty about who we are, as human beings, are vital and critical to our future and the healing that we need so badly right now. Keep empathizing and find your similarities with your fellow humans; not your differences.☯️☮️

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments; I am so grateful for meeting you in such a unique and inspiring way and consider you my dear FRIENDS!💕💕








4 thoughts on “Connections…..

  1. I so enjoyed reading this post, Anne. I am so happy for you that you are learning how to bring Balance into your life and to do those things you Love and are healthy for you. I too love to read and in fact am reading a book now called, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. I also love novels and can read them so fast my husband’s mouth drops open in disbelief. LOL I’ve had a lifetime love affair with words and now as I write and take my pictures I have found my “niche”. I’m also a “Healer” in many different ways and an avid Seeker of Truth. I cannot encourage you enough to keep on walking YOUR Path to find YOU. Creating your own life is one of the most challenging and exciting things you can ever do! Learning how to slow down is so Key in understanding Life is so precious! And the miracle of slowing down is, when we do, we are able to get more accomplished. Now don’t ask me how that works but it’s true. Stay with the exercising and thank you for the incentive for me to get to the gym today. When warm weather is here, I am outdoors getting my exercise and when the cooler weather arrives I have to give myself a mighty push because I really don’t enjoy the gym that much. I have to change that attitude. (wink) Have a great day today!! 🤗

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  2. Thanks so much, Amy Rose! Your response means a lot to me, and I am so grateful you read it and responded! 💕 It IS DEFINITELY easier to accomplish more when slowing down. That comment reminds me of my father telling my mother to stop rushing when they were running late for something because he said her fumbling and frantic behavior would just waste more time. “Slow down,” he would tell her. I’ve always remembered that and thought of it often in life😍! I, too, enjoy and prefer outdoor exercise and know this is an important routine I’ve recently started, so I can start conditioning myself in hopes of getting through winter in a healthier way this year. Hikes through the woods are my favorite!! I love looking for plants, taking photos, and surrounding myself with as much nature as possible. The WI woods are so beautiful🏞️🌲🍁!
    I found out and was disappointed to hear today that my son’s gymnastics teacher may cancel his class because only 2 children signed up… it’s my MOTIVATION for starting out my routine for the week. I too have to push myself! It’s more the process of getting ready and getting there that I struggle to initiate. Once I’m there I’m so grateful! You’ll be feeling better when you’re finally there too, so GO FOR IT!! Have a wonderful night!🌌💕


  3. I share your love for herbs and health. This year we had a garden full of mint, parsley and cucumbers. I’d chop those things up, throw em in the blender and then drain out the pulp. Voila – our own green drink. Not sweet, but very refreshing, and full of minerals. You know Herbal Ed’s company? If not google Herb Pharm. They are in California. Great tinctures. Sending you health, happiness and a great day. Love reading your pieces. . . You are a gem of a woman. Write on.

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    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I will be looking them up and the drink sounds wonderful! The blender really is a great way to pack a bunch of nutrition into a convenient and easy meal! Reminds me of my morning oatmeal!! Have a wonderful day🌞💕~Anne

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