So this is not my Rose monograph post yet, but I was driven to write something yesterday and it is all based on recently watching the Inconvenient Truth Sequel: Truth to Power. Then this morning an article was published: Thousands of scientists issue bleak ‘second notice’ to humanity in the Washington Post and I decided I would share my thoughts on here. As an environmentalist (I literally got out of my car in fury about a month ago to throw an empty cup back into a disrespectful teenager’s car because he littered it out of the car window right in front of me in the alley that IS MY neighborhood), herbalist, and nutrition advocate; I had a few thoughts festering inside of me that came out in the following rant:

It all began with me reflecting on my resistance, since I was young, to want to set long term goals. This was after thinking about how everyday when I wake up there are several, usually more, goals I set out to accomplish. I believe every goal, no matter how small, should make you feel accomplished, whether it is getting out of bed and making breakfast or curing cancer. Each day is a new day and with it comes new choices, also some recurring, that I want to accomplish but yet are no less important than let’s say having a goal of owning a business or trying to live more sustainably on a small plot of land within the next 10 years. When it comes to goals my motto is…..take it a day at a time. So this is a little introduction to my ramblings below.


My goals get set everyday. They are short-term but are always based on me working towards meeting my BASIC INSTINCTUAL needs (health, safety, shelter, nurturing, and raising a family). There is a natural purpose we ALL share at our basis and everything else is in addition/extra to that! Yet, we tend to exert/devote more time to EXTRAS than our NATURAL/BASIC/INBORN reasons for life and living. It is a constant war/conflict between nature and pleasure. The more we push, the more nature (the very thing we are fighting when our wants start trumping our needs) is retaliating against us with floods, fires, melting ice, sinkholes, smog (breathing Delhi’s outside air at the moment is like smoking 44 cigarettes a day), dirty land/sea/sky, droughts and NATURE, ultimately, WILL WIN this battle! We can’t fight it because it is bigger, stronger, more destructive and POWERFUL than we are! We HAVE to LIVE in harmony and balance now or we choose defeat which equals=death, suffering hardship, destruction, homelessness, losing your children; parents; friends; and family, starting over with nothing, rebuilding, loss of keepsakes & the possessions you worked so hard for and then in moments……GONE; it only takes seconds to lose EVERYTHING; HAVING TO START ALL OVER AGAIN.

WAKE UP because those living it already have and NO ONE is impervious to nature attacking you as we continue to abuse it, as it only gets stronger and literally; fights back. Watch the news everyday and actually read about storms and the natural disasters and diseases happening and spreading rapidly; daily and weekly. Watch the Inconvenient Truth Sequel and just THINK about how WORRIED & SERIOUSLY CONCERNED someone must be to DEVOTE & DEDICATE his life to just trying to get people to make HEALTHIER, more CONSCIENTIOUS decisions about how they are treating the THING that can KEEP YOU ALIVE or KILL YOU.

Al Gore and all his supporters and advocates on climate change and global warming are the “Jesus” and his “prophets” who have been put here to spread a VERY IMPORTANT message and IT’S TIME TO LISTEN! Money and greed by the POISON companies are the “DEVIL” (FALLEN ANGELS)! WAKE UP NOW and demand change by how you spend your money EVERYDAY and make sure you VOTE for people who care about the DISTANT FUTURE for our POSTERITY!! We were ALL someone’s posterity at one time: Galileo, Descartes, Einstein, Jonas Salk, Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Rachel Carson, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, etc. They did not just think about themselves or what their work and devotion was going to do for the present but were hoping it would help those in the future; people they would never know or meet. We are naturally creatures who reproduce as a means for leaving parts of ourselves behind and repopulating, but WHY if we just continue to destroy the very thing that allows for further healthy, productive survival?????? Why fight for LIFE if it will only lead to more suffering and younger, more agonizing death????? We NEED THIS EARTH more than it needs us. It can survive without humans; WE CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT!

Thanks for reading and listening to my thoughts! I devote this to Al Gore and his work as well as all the people who have listened and continue to devote their time and resources to CHANGE!!!!!

Love Our Home-Planet EARTH,



4 thoughts on “WAKE UP!

  1. A clarion cry and we really need to be making our environment, this planet earth and all its biodiversity central to all our actions, planning and goals. I still don’t understand how we vote for those who do not have a key environmental plan and the need for this to be global.

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  2. Thought I’d pop on over to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment.

    I love this post! You go! I consider myself an environmentalist, but I find it difficult in a mainstream life. My biggest difficulty is how often I must drive places. But I try to do other things like washing plastic bags so I can re-use them, composting, not using weed and tick killers–but it never seems like enough, especially when you watch your neighbors watering their lawns every day, using chemicals on their plants, and throwing things away when they could be re-used. Littering–oh boy–I can’t even get started on how much that seriously ticks me off!

    It is so true that it would only take seconds to lose everything and then where would we be? I don’t understand how some people can’t pause their busy lives long enough to think about that, to truly process that possibility. There, unfortunately, are far too many people on this planet who don’t think this affects them. How wrong they are.

    Thank you for this post!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it! I do the exact things you do to make a difference. My new things this year were washing plastic ziploc bags to reuse😊 and plastic containers which are now overflowing because I can’t throw them away or my conscious gets to me and I switched to using cloth napkins everyday. I used to drive a lot for work and am so grateful I don’t have to anymore. Those little things add up and just keep being a good example!! Thanks again for stopping by😊💕🌎~Anne


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