Rose Monograph (Rosa floribunda)…… 

Here is the start to my research and journaling of the herbs I grew and harvested this past summer. As an aspiring herbalist, my knowledge continues to grow right along with these amazing, wondrous plants. My roses were so rewarding to grow and dry. I even went to the store at the end of the season and was able to get two more and planted them a few weeks before the cold set in. The best part was the two plants only cost me $8.00, and I saved them from being tossed in the garbage!! I’m excited to watch them grow & flourish next year. Until then my research and drawings will have to fill the void. 💕🥀☀️

I will keep working on my cursive. I don’t handwrite much anymore, and it is an art form I fear is being lost. To me it is like reading a book, held in our hands; it’s the connection that really matters. This is another reason to draw and write freehand; the repetition, connection, and exercise for our brains is healthy and natural. The practicing may not lead to perfection, but it uses a part of my brain and creates a relationship that typing just isn’t a substitute for. 

“Evidence is mounting that putting pen to paper has benefits that typing cannot replace.” 

This quote is from an online article: Why Cursive? It goes on to state: 

While the benefits of handwriting can be observed in student performance, they can also be observed in the brain itself.  A study using fMRI technology showed that writing letters, as opposed to viewing them on a screen, is associated with more advanced brain function.  

 Researcher Diane Montgomery posits that the connected letters and fluid motion of cursive handwriting are especially beneficial to students with disorders such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. 

It also has creative benefits….

Developing a cursive hand—epitomized in the signature and carried through in an unique form of writing that others can identify and associate with a particular individual—is an important step in developing a personal style and voice.  

There are many rewards & benefits to cursive and handwriting so here’s🥂to writing, creativity, and the benefits of putting pen/pencil to paper!!

Have a wonderful day and continue to love and cherish the Earth we call home!! 

Your friend, 

~Anne 💕🌏☯️✌️

8 thoughts on “Rose Monograph (Rosa floribunda)…… 

  1. So many uses for roses! Wow!! And I have many roses that I grow. I also agree about cursive. All my writing except for my long articles I write by hand. All of my poetry or musings as the words come I write down on a yellow legal pad. I’ve also gone back to writing letters and encouragement cards, something again that is being lost. So much is being lost in this technological world but I am one person who refuses to let go the art of communication, the art of cursive, the art of knitting and crocheting, the art of making my own soaps and body butters, the art of photography, the art of singing …. and so much more. I will not allow technology to get me lost. ☺️

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  2. Learning to write cursive was a big deal when I was in elementary school so long ago.
    I remember the extra thick pencils with soft lead and the wide lined paper we used.
    We actually got a grade in handwriting if you can imagine that!
    I think it’s great you are writing your journals by hand.

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    1. Thank you! I still had to learn it too but was always envious of my mom’s handwriting. It has diminished more and more over the years which is very unfortunate. My daughter still tries to incorporate it even though they don’t teach it, which shows our natural attraction to it; at least for some of us. Thanks for reading and sharing!! 💕😊

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