Cautious consideration…. 

Have caution, speak carefully, choose your words with thought & consideration.
We risk repeating the dangers revealed in fables; mainly crying wolf.

Consider repercussions, outcomes, the future our actions hold for those who are voiceless and still hidden when slight things overshadow the horrendous. 

It is time to stand up BUT with caution for those without a name; naming the nameless is still unheard. 

Staring into an abyss where grave acts continue to confuse, alter, and poison our youth. 

As women shout while the roots of it all are still so deep, sending out tendrils that grab, hold, and silence the ordinary youth who grow to follow in the footsteps of predators who prey turning prey to predators as was done to many of them. 

Sometimes the abused, abuse, by accusing the innocent as a weapon because it is now their power; power can and is abused in so many ways. Be cautious and consider the motives. 

Don’t forget that vulnerability and victims come at all ages and can be any gender. 

Consider those doors, the dungeons that are locked due to age, fear, confusion, threats, and violation by those who SHOULD be protecting, loving, and safe.

Shout if you must but consider the repercussions to making slight persecutions comparable to years, sometimes lives of hell. 

Be cautious and consider how these actions could make it worse for those being taken advantage of at birth, 1, 2, 3, 4….ADOLESCENCE… into young adulthood when there is NO out and NO one to trust or turn to. 

Don’t make the voiceless, those who see themselves as nobodies, less noticeable. 

Take a moment, think before speaking, consider the outcomes of hurricanes. 

Remember what happens when we cry WOLF!

~Anne 12/9/17 (Trying to dispel some of the myriad of thoughts flooding my brain lately)

Thank you for listening and continue to seek balance, while having compassion and consideration for the world around us and ALL its creatures. 💞🕊️☯️

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