Red clover is an amazing herb that did not start to bloom in my herb garden until late summer. Since fall was warmer than usual this year, I was able to gather about 10 flower tops before the frost set in. It really is a beautiful flower and grows much taller than the white clover that naturally grows all around our yard. It has a vast array of known/researched benefits from reducing tumors, cancer prevention, fighting colds and flues, to acting as a blood purifier and detox for the liver and lymph nodes. I am hopeful it will come back earlier next summer and produce more plentifully than this first year. It is a perennial so it should be returning in the herb garden on its own next season. Hopefully I can collect enough to make a tincture next year as well as, have enough for the winter season to dry for tea.






I was lucky to have collected enough Red Clover flowers from my garden to do one tea meditation. It is such a wonderful way to connect with the individual herbs and take the time to relax, breath, and reflect on the qualities it reveals through this ruminating experience. When I am doing this with a new herb I like to write down my observations and then research further, once it’s completed, to see if my conclusions were similar to what others have written about it. This time, as with most others, my personal deductions corresponded with my findings!


Safety Precautions: Red clover should not be used by those who suffer from clotting issues or who hemorrhage easily. It is a blood cleanser and in doing this it thins the blood, so consult a doctor if you are on blood thinners or possibly have any bleeding issues before using. All herbs should be researched before use especially for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to reflect on another beautiful herb nature has to offer us. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years and are offered, freely, by nature. Tea and tinctures have made a huge difference for my wellness both mentally and physically. The health of our bodies determines how we feel as well as, our capabilities, decisions, and abilities for coping with the world and those around us. It is essential that we do everything we can to keep them functioning at their highest capacity for strength, happiness, and fulfillment. Life can be difficult and throw things our way at a moments notice that cause heartache, grief, bewilderment, frustration, stress, or depression. Consider incorporating herbs into your daily regiment. It’s made a world of difference for me in these areas, and I truly believe can for anyone who makes this a part of their wellness routine!

Stay safe, curl up with a warm cup of nourishing tea, and take time for yourself during this busy, sometimes stressful, season!





5 thoughts on “RED CLOVER MONOGRAPH…..

  1. We had red clover growing wild this summer in an empty lot next to our house.
    It attracted numerous Swallowtail and Painted Lady butterflies. They were fun to
    watch and photograph. (Not to mention all the bees!)
    And now, after reading your post, I am more aware of the medicinal properties
    of this beautiful bloomer!

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    1. Yes, I would highly recommend harvesting and drying some since you are so lucky to have it naturally growing by you! I simply cut/pinch the buds, and if they are free of dirt just set them on parchment paper in a dark spot and let them completely dry out. Then store in a paper sandwich bag, labeled, with a rubber band or in a dark jar or small drawer. It really boosts the immune system and has a lot of promise for fighting cancer cells. Thanks for reading and sharing Sandy!!💕Anne

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