Today I was lying in bed, very relaxed, and started to listen to a sound in my ear. Since my ear was pressed against the pillow, I could hear a beat inside of it. I got “lost” in that sound. All of a sudden, I was awake but asleep. Hearing the sounds around me but so extremely relaxed that my body was getting complete rest. It occurred to me; this must be what true meditation feels like. A truly enlightening experience!

Getting lost in a sound within my body, being that in tune with just the beat resonating in my ear was such a calming and pleasant experience! This led me to ponder the idea of “Seashell meditation.” Thinking, “It seems like a wonderful way to teach meditation,” by putting a seashell to the ear and just getting lost in the sound of that wonderful, ocean waves like sound we here. 

That soothing noise inside the shell, from research I just did by googling, is ambient noise from outside the shell resonating in the ear (Click here for information on how it works). Yep, I thought it was blood flowing or air circulating too, but that’s my favorite thing about the internet. It is so extremely, and often not utilized enough, easy to check our ideas and see if our instincts or past knowledge is correct. 

Learning is such an empowering activity for me. I also have gotten much better, with age oddly enough, at retaining information. This seems to be because I value and appreciate the knowledge so much more when I seek it out myself.

When I also googled shell meditation, I discovered someone else had an epiphany about this idea as well. She’s written books about it, and her blog about them can be found here: Shell meditation for children.

Breath, be calm, and focus on a sound. Let it take you to that perfect place, even if it’s just for a moment, and tune out all the noise the world overwhelms us with! Take a Deep breath of health & clarity in……………………………… let a Deep breath of stress & anxiousness out. Close your eyes and just be with you and practice the importance of emotional health.šŸŒ»ā˜ÆļøšŸŒž

Have a wonderful weekend!!šŸ’•ā˜ÆļøāœŒļøšŸŒˆšŸ’ž



2 thoughts on “Seashells…..

  1. Fascinating. I found out there are some apps with nature ‘noises’ to help you sleep. My younger daughter struggles with this and we went to an Ayurveda consultation. Yep, routine and sleeping well from 10 pm was key to restoring balance in the body.

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