“Done or doing constantly or as a habit”

Habits can lead to great accomplishments, but they also can cause harm and great stress if not kept in check.

When I think of what gives my disorder so much power; it’s that it’s habitual. It is SO difficult to stop something that is habitual. It’s what takes those little quirks and makes them BIGGER problems. Changes them from once in awhile, to ALL THE TIME.

I run on routine. I also NEED to know what’s going to happen next. I, very honestly, DON’T LIKE WINGING IT! I am easy going but not when I didn’t get a chance to prepare for it! I always wanted to be the cool chick who was spontaneous, but it is not who I am, and I can’t alter this part of me. But I DO recognize that this is my personality, and it does not always make sense to others; therefore, I can make an effort to discuss this part of me with others and communicate to them that it’s the reason why I get overwhelmed and cranky when things like this come up, all of a sudden.

Then there are habits that need creativity and dedication to change; at least to reduce how often they occur, like picking at sores/pimples on my skin.

My issues with this stems from anxiety and stress. When I’m stressed, especially later in the day because of being more worn out and tired, that’s when the disorder is most likely to kick in. Especially if I’m frequenting the bathroom for a shower, bathing children, or going to the bathroom. My solution now, for the past 3 days: cover the mirror with a towel. This is helping!

It calls my attention to it in a different way and gives me more of a barrier. It’s just a REALLY GOOD reminder that this is a problem I need to work on. We’ll see as time goes on what the results will look like. PMS will be the true challenge!🙃😢😵

Having OCD habits means they’re harder to break and give up. They provide comfort for a time; allowing something else to fixate on. Keeps the mind from having to think too much about the stress and anxiety but when it’s done, it feels awfully shameful!🤦🛌

This is something that takes serious, researched, and hard earned perseverance to overcome! If a key component to success in defeating bad habits is lacking, such as the ability to find excitement and motivation in the EFFORTS it takes to persevere, we are less likely to be able to cope; reduce our anxiety; feel good about who we are and our importance in this world (this is a big one for me); and more likely to be overly critical of what we should expect out of ourselves based on the general population. Just remember: EVERYONE HAS ISSUES. It’s hard to see this at first, and life experiences/age have helped me, tremendously, with forming a more realistic view.

Age of a person should NEVER be used to discredit their mental health. We ALL need help in this area. Like any part of life, some things are more severe than others, but everyone has bad habits to break that emerged from coping at some point. This can and does start VERY young and letting people talk, being open, and offering life changing, healthy strategies in order to form healthier coping mechanisms is KEY to improving society at large.

Consider if we were ants and 1/2 of our population was sick and unable to be productive or help gather the needed resources to live; they would be in danger of annihilation. ACTION would then be taken to fix the root issue. Without the health of ALL the whole population is compromised.

By reducing tuition, making higher education more feasible and accessible, providing single payer healthcare, improved therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists/counselors, more access to doctors/clinics as well as, alternative medicine being researched further and recommended by doctors more often; we will be offering solutions to keeping us healthier and therefore, more productive. It seems like a win/win for everyone!

Thanks so much for reading and following my blog! Stay tuned for my next monograph post and a nightly skincare regimen recommendation based on the herb I am currently researching!



7 thoughts on “Habitual….

  1. I really love how you try to find creative ways to overcome your difficulties. That is a good thing and shows resilience and strength. Many of us think we are sunk and that things are hopeless. In truth, we just have to find a way to do things differently. Kudos to you learning more about yourself. As I get older, I am seeing myself in different ways and realize the things I also struggle with. It takes work, but it is so worth it!

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      1. I agree. I think we are often in a place or taught to be in a place where we ignore the signals our bodies, our minds, our environment are sending out to us. It is good to listen and I think when we truly listen, that is when we can truly make a difference. It’s not to say it is easy… but kudos to anyone striving to make things better!

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