Toothache Plant(Acmella oleracea) or Spilanthes…..

This is by far one of my favorite discoveries. An herb that I grew from seed, was easy to care for, spread vigorously throughout the herb garden, and has promises to be a miracle remedy for a variety of health issues; both internally and externally. The downside of it is; its a bit stinky and has a crazy numbing/tingling sensation when taken by mouth. It is quite miraculous and has helped me with sore throats by numbing the pain, helps fight cold sores when applied to the site,  numbs and heals canker sores, is a topical treatment for tooth pain/teething, and has amazing abilities to fight viruses!

One way I use Toothache Tincture is added to my nightly skincare routine. It speeds healing and fight blemishes! I’ve found it to be so beneficial when used on a cotton ball with witch hazel or mixed into a bit of witch hazel and aloe and then just applied to my face, neck, and back.

Toothache Tincture



I use the Witch Hazel and Toothache tincture for astringent; mixing a few drops of one of the oils with a bit of aloe as my moisturizer. After trying a lot of different over the counter moisturizers, and even expensive, high quality face products; this is by far the most balanced, natural, and healing of anything I’ve used.

Toothache flower & leaves are known for their numbing, cleansing, and healing affects. Toothache, due to its antimicrobial & anti-fungal properties, heals sores really quickly and because of it’s local anesthetic properties, topically numbs cold sores. I hadn’t had a breakout in months, but when I was fighting off a virus, recently, one started to develop under my nose, and the minute I applied some tincture to the cold sore, the irritation subsided. It stopped it from getting worse and in the process, healed it completely within a week.

Due to its many benefits for the mouth and body, I have started to incorporate it into my tooth care routine by adding a few drops to my toothbrush, once a day, before brushing. Sometimes, if my throat is feeling itchy or sore, I’ll gargle with a few drops and some water. Every time I do this, my issues are gone the next morning.

My mother-in-law has had some serious periodontal disease and went through excessive dental work: crowns, teeth getting pulled, and dealing with abscesses. I gave her some tincture for Christmas last year, and she used it as a topical pain reliever and told me it’s the only thing that gets rid of the excruciating discomfort. The buds are also easy to dry and save for tea, and the leftover ones from making tincture can be saved in a glass jar in the fridge which have helped my daughter with tooth pain.

I’ve had my daughter use a cold bud out of the refrigerator right before or right after losing a tooth, when she complains there’s irritation, by having her bite it and hold it in place for a bit. She says it helps with pain and discomfort, a lot. And I know she would tell me if it didn’t!😣

My monograph for this amazing herb is below. It gives a researched overview of where it originates from, its botanical description, plant parts used, harvesting guidelines, uses & actions, and constituents.

One thing I learned is that it is not a well known herb, and information was more sparse and difficult to find; compared to other herbal plants I’ve studied. Yet it has amazing potential as a possible colic, headache, muscle pain, and cough suppressant and anticancer agent. There is something about this plant that makes it feel like a new found treasure for my health and wellness!

Another part of my nightly skincare routine is using a warm washcloth to set on my face and gently rub to cleanse/exfoliate before the toner and moisturizer is applied. There is something so calming about the warmth. It’s a miniature steam room for me; momentarily. There is something so relaxing about warmth, especially steam. Warm showers, warm tea, and relaxing in the comfort of my home is such therapy for me. I’ve always loved taking showers. As long as there’s enough hot water! My mom let me sleep and take a lot of showers as a teenager and that really helped me to wind down and stay healthier during a depressing time of my life. Tea would have really been the perfect therapeutic addition to these two wellness needs, during those hormonal years. It truly heals the soul🌻

Here are the listings for Toothache Herbal Remedies in my online shop:

Toothache Glycerite

Toothache Tincture


Anne (BackyardHerbalistStoreOnline)

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    1. Definitely and very easy! Order some seeds, I got mine from an heirloom seed company here in the US, and start them about a month before planting season starts. They were easy to start and transplanted beautifully! Thanks for reading and commenting Brigid! ~Anne

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