How Herbs Influence Balance….

Basics learned in the Introduction of Body into Balance:

The way herbs generally assist the body is to encourage wellness, detoxification, balance, and healing by encouraging these transformations through fortifying the body’s natural system, so it can work at its full potential. Different types of herbs are useful for boosting the immune system, lowering or reducing blood pressure as well as, increasing & improving disease fighting mechanisms in order to help increase your body’s vigor and capacity for fighting off disease. Ultimately, bringing it into Balance☯️!

Don’t think of herbs as substitutes for drugs but as mini personal trainers helping the body break away from patterns of disease, improve day to day functioning, & relearn patterns of health. This is why it is vital to understand & listen to your body in order to accurately do what is healthiest and most balanced for YOUR wellness routine.

Some things to focus on when trying to effectively achieve balance is:

  • Listen to and understand your body’s basic needs.
  • Maintain a whole foods & good nutrition lifestyle🍍🥑🥗🍵🍛🍳
  • Get regular exercise/movement🤸🚣🚴
  • Take baby steps & little by little, ease into reaching your own personal balance☯️
  • Remember vibrance & a healthy lifestyle is a Lifelong Journey🏞️
  • Make sure to, particularly, pay attention to your Nervous-Endocrine System; responsible for stress, sleep, mood, digestion, & detoxification!🛀🌞🛌🍋🌶️

Quite a few people suffer from poor digestion, especially fat digestion, which often causes constipation, high cholesterol, cardiovascular inflammation, chronic pain, and skin issues. These problems cause someone to “run hot,” eat poorly, & not get enough exercise.

To turn the tide on these issues someone would need to detoxify & improve digestion through implementing cooling practices such as, anti-inflammatory herbs; healthy fat focused eating; balanced diet and at least 30 minutes of vigorous movement each day. This is a lifestyle change that can be veered from, on occasion. The most important thing is to commit to new rituals and embrace health knowing this is what really creates permanent changes in energy level, reducing stress/anxiety, and feeling better; both physically & mentally. Oh, the best part is; It Lasts! If you commit to it, this is not a quick fix jolt that wears off.




When someone commits to overall wellness and seeking balance it is also more apparent, when you veer from this lifestyle here and there, how much it affects you. The negative results to abandoning the healthy choices stand out and, for me, make it easier to understand how much of a difference these choices really do make. This is a definite motivator to reinforce how beneficial a healthy lifestyle is. You get One Body & One Life: utilize its full potential by fueling it with what nature intended! It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, just simplistic and whole. Tea, veggies, fruit, good brain building fats, water, fermented foods/drinks, non GMO/whole/sprouted grains, local eggs, yoga/meditation/exercise, warm showers, and 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Herbs can assist your body with healing, detoxification, nutrient/mineral absorption, inducing sleep/relaxation, reducing anxiety, and fighting disease. They Compliment your wellness regimen.

All suggestions provided are based on information gathered from the current book I am reading: Body into Balance, An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care by: Maria Noel Groves. Oh, and some knowledge from personal experience, as well=)!

Body into Balance Book Available on Amazon

As I continue reading and gathering more knowledge, I will be sharing it here on my blog. Please comment, ask questions, or add your own personal experiences seeking wellness & balance!

Thank you to ALL who read and make this all worthwhile 😍!



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