Sunshine Blogger Award…

I have been nominated for this blogging award by:

I’ve really enjoyed recently discovering and reading Binita’s blog, and I am very appreciative for this award!! I know, as a parent, that life is very busy, and it can be difficult to reciprocate these awards with new posts so I will be answering the following questions and honoring of few of the bloggers who I admire (every blog I follow is admired), but I will not be passing this on as an obligation to anyone.

Here are the questions Binita has asked along with my answers:

1. Do you remember how you got the idea for your very first blog/ blog post?

My very first blog post was actually on my very first blog: This blog is a tribute to my father who died when I was 15 and a way for me to continue the memoir I began writing for him. Over the course of about 4-5 months last year this blog gave me the opportunity to share his story with others and motivated me to finish the book I wanted to write to honor him. I still visit and, on occasion, post on this blog, but as the story concluded, I transitioned over to my current one as a way to journal my experiences as a gardener, herbalist, and mother.

2. What is/ are the inspiration/s behind your blog?

The inspirations behind my blog are wanting to document my self-education as I study herbs and gardening because of the lack of resources (none of the tech schools or colleges in my are offer any holistic/herbal/alternative medicine certifications/masters programs) and my financial limitations to actually further my education in an institution at this point. There is so much information at my fingertips in books and online as well as, through first-hand experience, that this is my way to show the process I am currently going through to gain knowledge in a field I hope to work in or create a business with some day.

It’s a way to prove that I am self-motivated to learn and show others what I am doing to gather knowledge in this field. I also enjoy the interactions with other bloggers and love when I can help others through my words, knowledge, and insight with wellness and health. The true reason I discovered my passion for gardening and herbalism is my children and husband. I want to keep them healthy by utilizing, and keeping us connected, to our environment!

3. What platform or strategies you use to publicise your blog?

This is not something I excel at. Currently my posts are linked to my twitter account: and on LinkedIn. Other than that, I just try and read blogs a lot; it is honestly my favorite thing to read next to books, and I comment whenever something resonates with me. It is my way to let others know how much their words mean to me, and I make sure to always respond to people’s comments on my blog. I SO appreciate when I know others are affected by what I am sharing with them!

4. Do you use any SEO tactics?

I really don’t have any SEO tactics (I actually had to just look up what SEO stood for=). I did realize recently that it makes a big difference if the blog is set to Public because otherwise very few people see the posts. I had hid my blog for awhile after having some spam/troll issues but decided, if I want my posts to reach a broader audience, I had to switch it back. Other than that I use tags and categories on each post, but I’m not sure how effective that actually is, search engine wise.

5. Do you have any specific target audience? If yes, how do you reach them?

Anyone interested in health, wellness, or just reflections on life. I hope the audience is varied because I feel my posts are for a variety of ages and walks of life!

6. What motivates you the most to keep blogging?

My motivations are that I love to write, photograph, and journal my life. Since my father passed at a young age I just really feel it is critical to document our lives for those we leave behind. This is my way to show evidence of what I am learning and accomplishing through writing and photographs for my future endeavors, but it is also a way to leave my children with proof of who I am and what I stand for as a person and mother. My legacy, per se.

7. Can you explain a little about your writing process?

My writing process has lulls, mostly when the household/children are too demanding for me to have time to sit and document as much as I would like. When I do have time, I try to spend at least 3-4 hours a week writing a post or two. Lately, I try to at least start a draft when new ideas come up and set a goal to complete it by the end of the week so that by Sunday-Tuesday I have at least one new post ready to publish.

8. What kind of content do you enjoy writing the most?

Writing about my father’s life was very important to me and the honesty and discoveries I made about myself and others through that process were truly extraordinary. On my current blog, I really enjoy expressing how health initiatives and herbs have helped me combat my own struggles with mental health and other personal health issues. I like to share personal stories tied in with accumulated knowledge.

9. Can you name two of your favorite bloggers? Actually, you can name as many as you want! (A new blog I discovered more recently. Her posts always resonate with me and are very relatable) (wonderful, insightful blog I discovered recently) (this is actually my best friend’s blog…very honest and insightful) (this is another personal friend who writes about motivation and self-help strategies) (I never miss one of his posts/they are so honest and inspirational) (Another inspiring, honest blog about PTSD from an amazing writer/blogger who I admire) (Great stories from someone living and experiencing life abroad. Funny, inspirational, and honest) (honest, heartwarming stories/photographs about life, death, and nature) (Wonderful information about herbs, holistic medicine, and the benefits of nature’s gifts for health and healing) (Great posts about atheopaganism, our ties to the environment, and rituals) (Wonderful posts about world politics from a man with great insight, philosophies, and writing skills)

Oh, the list could go on and on forever, but these are some of the blogs I have grown attachments to from my first blog to now. I am so grateful for this community of inspiring, honest, creative, and real people who share their stories; in turn, helping others to realize we are not alone in our struggles with life.

10. Tell us something (or many things) about you?

Honestly, I have discussed this topic thoroughly throughout both of my blogs. Anything you need to know is very evident on both, so to find out more, please visit my posts on this blog:  or

Both blogs have about pages that express pretty succinctly who I am=)

11. What do you think makes your blog unique/ interesting?

I think there are so many types of blogs out there that it is difficult to know if mine is very unique, but I try to combine a variety of topics, both personal and researched, into my blog. I think having variation with my posts, 90% of my own photos, and always putting a little of  me into what I am writing gives it, maybe, a unique twist.

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, and comments on either of my blogs. This community is honestly one of the most amazing, inspiring, and supportive I have ever discovered and my #1 online social media choice, by far!!!


Love Always,


12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award…

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so honored you included me on your list of blogs you most enjoy. Only recently I’ve been writing about death due to the many losses I have experienced. When not in the “death phase of life” I write about wisdom and humor and just share from my Heart. One thing you asked if the tags really work. They do. I was astonished to find one of my posts in a search engine when I tagged that post with the park I had taken pictures in. I am overjoyed that we found each other’s blogs and I look forward in getting to know you better. I have yet to try my Lavender flowers in oil due to all the ruckus about in this house but I’m getting there. I wish you only the very best in this new year, Anne. Thank you for being you! (((HUGS))) Amy ☺️

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