My daughter’s amazing imagination….

My daughter’s imagination has always been wonderful. By the age of two she could sit and play with a spoon or fork for hours at a restaurant. When riding in a cart at the store we could always count on the belt straps being a snake or some other creature she would play with the entire ride. This has helped on many occasions.

There was a time she came to a Pampered Chef party (I don’t frequent these often, but this was at my cousin’s house who I rarely get to visit) and sat and played, by herself, with the dollhouse in the living room for at least on hour straight. People were amazed that at the age of 3 she could sit and entertain herself for this long. It never ceases to amaze me how vivid her ideas are and how well she turns them into reality! Her latest creation………….

A handmade board game she made in a matter of a half hour or so.
We’ve been playing tons of board games lately and this is an original idea surfacing from bits and pieces of those.
You will notice a spot on my son’s upper lip. They were sniffing smelly markers; a little too closely=)

I really wanted to document this day & how, even with the obsession they both have with technology, they are just as excited to engage in pretend play without it. We have bonded and learned so much lately while playing games together! Some of our favorites are: Trouble, Dragonwood, Seven Dragons, Chutes & Ladders, Qwixx, and Uno. Then there’s my new favorite: Lava River II/The Wall=)!

There’s nothing quite like a day spent playing games. Especially when my 10 year old gets some cardboard, tape, markers, toys, & a dice to create her very own. It’s full of obstacles, animal enhancements, & battles to win. The best part is; it’s my daughter’s creation full of her imagination, love of fantasy, and the best kind of learning there is! Her little brother loves it–I’m pretty sure, mostly, because his big sister; who he adores and looks up to, created it. It truly warms my heart to have moments like this. I couldn’t be more proud of her!🤗😍

We even ended the afternoon by going sledding. 🌬️❄️Yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow and now it’s a winter wonderland, once again. Much nicer than the half melted, brown, slushy mess that we were living with for a few weeks.


I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Relax, sip a warm cup of tea, & think of something you’re grateful for.🍵 For me it’s my family, this amazing community of bloggers, and having a safe place to call home.💞



P.S. Sorry if anyone has been getting half posts of mine in email or their reader. For some reason my smartphone WordPress app updated this morning and has been randomly publishing my drafts, without my permission. Not sure why, but it is very frustrating!!!🤣🤣🤣

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