Weekend Skiing Adventure….

On this Valentine’s Day I want to document some recent memories of the family I am so grateful for and love more than anything!! Last weekend (2/10/18-2/11/18) we went skiing at Pine Mountain in Iron Mountain, WI. My daughter has been skiing once or twice a year since she was 2, now she’s 10, and now my son is on his second year, at 3 1/2.

My daughter did awesome & has really excelled since last year. She was excited & stronger than ever. It shows how important it is to start young because the muscle memory is there & she is comfortable & confident; going off to even try the moguls ⛷️ a few times!

My son is very physically capable but his attitude is exhausting. He would get tired after 1 run sending us into the chalet to warm up & eat; understandably. The worst part was all the whining 🤦🤷! He was doing such a great job skiing, keeping his balance & even turning himself but freaking out and crying because he was scared. We just kept encouraging him, reassuring him dad was not going to let him go, & letting him know how awesome he was at skiing. I would also take the opportunity to point out, in regards to the coldness he was complaining about, that none of us were crying or whining about it. Luckily, his last two runs were enjoyable & proof that he is quite the natural👍.

The really neat part of our experience was that we chose, unknowingly, to go skiing the weekend they were doing ski jumping. They have a ski jump at Pine Mountain & it was quite the event. People came from around the U.S., Poland, Germany, & other countries to compete. We watched some of it & also enjoyed the start of the Olympics while relaxing at the motel. This is the same jump an Olympian from WI, currently competing in the 2018 Olympics, trained on when she was younger! This could be the last year they have the ski jumping at Pine Mountain though because the jump needs $20 million in repairs, so they may be moving the competition to Minnesota. Exciting that we got to experience it; maybe for the last time ever!


It was a lot of effort but so worth it. The time outdoors, the exercise & the memories!!!💕⛷️🌞🍵 Such a special, heartwarming time spent with family this February=).


Have a warm & wonderful Valentine’s Day💞!!



P.S. I was disappointed in the horrible food choices at the ski hill; everything was loaded with sugar or fried. Ugggg! Yet we still indulged in many of the unhealthy things, but luckily, I baked these cookies….


& brought tea with to keep us nourished; at least a bit.

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