Blogger Award follow-up questions…..

A fellow blog,, which is written by my friend Asha, mentioned me as a nominee for an award she received. I wanted to show my appreciation by following up & answering the questions she posed:

  1. When not writing, what captures your fancy?
  2. One favorite poem/blog that has stayed with you.
  3. What excites you on a hard day to look forward to the next day?

Before answering any of them I would like to thank Asha, at, for including me in her list of nominees! I am always honored that someone as thoughtful & talented at writing, as her, would follow my blog & feel I’m worthy of this mentioning. She has a beautiful blog & I admire her as a woman, blogger, & writer. Now I will answer her questions:

1. When I’m not writing, which is more often than not being a mother & wife, my favorite past time is gardening by far. Yet I live in Wisconsin, U.S. so it does not allow for year round, outdoor growing conditions. This means on the off season, until seed starting begins, I love to take care of my family; especially with baking, cooking, & activities. Keeping my children healthy, active & balanced is my main motivation for most of what I do. Motherhood has done wonders for my health & well-being. I also enjoy reading, drawing & painting!

2. The blog that has always stayed with me is:

This is the first blog post I read of his:

It moved me to tears over & over again and the truth behind it is so relevant and important to consider and realize. This is a blog I would highly recommend visiting & reading because it comes from the perspective of a man who is honest, true, & has endured reality in a way we all can benefit from reading.

Losing his first wife, suddenly, and then having a wife who is suffering with her body rejecting a bone marrow transplant is beyond my emotional understanding. I can’t imagine what it is like, but I admire him & his commitment to his family and outlook on life. He is also a firefighter. Just read one of his posts, you won’t regret it!!

Just know that I admire all the blogs I follow & think they are so relatable to me, each in a unique and special way. It really feels like a relationship & I hate that I don’t have more time to read them. (It’s currently 11:24 a.m., I have a cold and my daughter’s play is performing this coming weekend, so all week she goes from school, to me doing her hair, to rehearsal until 8, home about 8:45, then bed). This is a time I feel guilty for not getting to read all the posts I want to. Please know I miss you, I’ll have more time, hopefully, soon, & I think of you often💕!

3. I split this question into weekdays & weekends. On a hard weekday it is knowing, hopefully, the next day is a more laxed day with less commitments & more “free” time😄. I also really love breakfast! On weekends it is having something planned to do with the family. I miss routine (things to do) on the weekends but want more time during the week. Weird how the mind works!

Since I recently nominated fellow bloggers for an award, I will post some questions for anyone who reads this & wants to answer them on their site.

1. What type of blogs are your favorite to read?

2. What are your main motivations for writing?

3. What is something that has never changed about yourself, personality wise, as you’ve aged; as far as you remember?

Thanks to ALL my wonderful readers/supporters because you make me feel appreciated & worth listening to!💕🌹✍️

Have a wonderful night/morning/afternoon!



4 thoughts on “Blogger Award follow-up questions…..

  1. My favourite blogs to read are quirky gardening blogs. I love to read about gardens which are different to my own.
    I have always written. Stories as a child, poems as a young adult, a book related to my work, and now my blog, about gardening.
    And I have always enjoyed dreaming, being outside, and appreciating tiny wonders.

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