Horton Hears a Who….

We are just a speck, in the realm of things.
A miracle really.
A magnificent, significant, insignificant speck.
A world within SO MANY worlds.
All trying to survive and go bout their continuous cycle of life and death;
here there and everywhere.
Fragile but durable, unique yet just like the rest.
No superiority based on the realm of it all; the basis is the same.
Altering ways of existing, yet just existing….
Reliant on what’s up, down, that way and this; in, out and sideways.
Water, air, warmth, nourishment, shelter…….it’s all working to sustain itself as well as, others.
Whether significant or not remember, it is all PERSPECTIVE🤔.


~Just some thoughts that came to me when I was watching this movie with my children to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday; it was my daughter’s idea=). I feel like his books/stories/ poems are so important to visit over and over because they are clever ways of pointing out big ideas that we should continue to revisit & reconsider, repeatedly. His ability to convey basic vital precepts about life, humanity, and its connection with the environmental world which sustains it; are so clever, witty, and poignant. His books should be like pamphlets that we hand out to young, old, and in-between as reminders of what it is we’re striving to be; a unified, just, compassionate, considerate, healthy world where no one is left behind.

Happy Belated Birthday……………….

Dr. Seuss

th (1)

I’m so glad you did what you did & shared it with us all!!


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