As seeds begin to sprout🌱……….

Spring is yet to be found………..

Through my back window🌨️

In this winter wonderland that keeps coming back around🌬️🌨️❄️…………

In a garden blanketed, not in blooms, but dreaded ice & snow……….

He wanted to blow bubbles in the sunshine 🌞 but settles for tromping in it, to and fro.


April snow showers bring a May without blizzards? Cross our fingers 🤞🌻🌷🌞🌱!!!!!

Hope your day is filled with less snow than mine😊.


11 thoughts on “Spring?????

  1. Oh, Anne! You are not alone! It is freezing rain out right now with terrible high winds. This Spring has been just so cold! I did manage to crawl through my gardens yesterday and in utter shock saw how my flowers are fighting against this cold and are adamant in growing. Amazing! Hang in there! Hopefully this is the LAST of the cold, darn it!! 😒

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    1. The only benefit to my gardening is, hopefully, the seeds I was a little late in planting outdoors in late fall/early spring will get the cold they need🤞. For all our sanity, I hope it ends soon 🌬️! Now onto 8-15 more inches tomorrow😂😭! 🤞🌷🌻🌞~Anne

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      1. We have ice covering everything here today, Anne. My sanity is snapping. I need my hands in soil so badly (as you do!) and need to smell the earth (as you do!) and SO need to see my flowers (as you do!). These poor trees! Every time they begin to bud they are hit with snow or ice. Will we even have leaves this year? I have NO idea what is going on but I do not like it, not one bit! OH I understand every single one of your emoticons. Grrrrrrrr ………. BIG HUGS! 💞💞💞

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      2. Go see what I found in my garden, Anne. Hopefully those pictures will lift your spirits! I just published it this morning. Hang in there, dear friend! ⚘🌷🦋🌸🥀🌱🌹💖🌻💝

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