School’s cancelled & thank goodness for snowblowers….

I really just can’t believe this winter storm 😱. The city has shut down; roofs have collapsed on car ports, businesses, & fell in at a local motel-the Econo Lodge Inn. People have had their vehicles get stuck and then are trapped in by too much snow around them to get out 🤣. Businesses like Wal-Mart shutdown & we aren’t even finished yet. We are told, do not go anywhere unless it is an emergency.

Where will it all go🌬️🌨️🌬️🌨️🌬️🌨️?????

Me shoveling taken by my mother-in-law whose yard I’m in.

Mountains of snow. A city wide snow fort!



9 thoughts on “School’s cancelled & thank goodness for snowblowers….

    1. Yep, that’s us! Plows are getting stuck, fires from plugged pipes or live wires are occurring; all of a sudden. I haven’t seen anything close to this storm in 29 years. The craziest thing is…….it’s April😩🤣.

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  1. Wow. That’s quite the storm! I have to admit I miss snow as I listen to it raining outside. But I remember all too well the problem with too much snow! Stay warm 🙂

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    1. It’s fun in many ways, but not as much this time of year. Let’s hope it melts slowly 🤞 or we’re in for a wet, wet city & basement. Hope you’re settling in, Lani, and being creative without a kitchen. That would be quite the shock to me. So nice to hear from you!!!!

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