Risen from the dead….

One thing that I discovered by starting my plants from seeds is their amazing resilience. One time when my Calendula plants went from sturdy & healthy to wilted and dead looking, I decided; since I had put so much effort into nursing them from teeny- tiny seedlings, to water them and see if they could revive themselves. What ended up happening absolutely blew me away. I could hardly believe that something; a living thing so withered, dried out, and dead looking had the ability to slowly reabsorb water with their roots, through osmosis, and completely spring back to life.

Below I have pictured a Toothache plant I have been growing for my mom to give to her on Mother’s Day. I have been so busy with all my plants and these grew so easily, I have had them transplanted to newspaper pots for quite a few weeks now, that I guess they got neglected on watering. They are sharing space with my Goji Berries and some how, from one day to another, they went from perky & alive to slumped over and dried out. I was devastated when I saw it, but then I remembered💡🤔; watering it might just do the trick.


I’m so grateful that I noticed these when I did! This is a lesson that was best learned through experience. If I hadn’t seen & witnessed this magic with my own eyes it wouldn’t have resonated with me. What a miracle nature can be! Now next time you have a plant that looks hopeless try watering it; just enough to saturate the soil, don’t overly soak, wait at least 12 hours, and see if you too can help spring it back to a healthy, upright position 🌻!

I am eager to get my plants outside, but based on the weather, I will play it safe and hold off until next week. I have been hardening them off though and they are taking to the outdoors very well.

There are signs of regrowth from last year too! Roses, anise hyssop, comfrey, garlic, red clover, and my blueberry plant!!


I also started some seeds in my raised beds again: turnips, radishes, beets, mustard greens, and lettuce. My bean seeds and nasturtiums have also been sown🤗💞 & now the waiting begins🌱🤔🌜🌞.

Hope all my fellow bloggers are enjoying warmer temperatures and the beauty of nature waking up! Sorry about being away more, but I get so consumed this time of year. One thing about warmer temperatures and gardening is I don’t get as much time to read your wonderful blog posts. I miss and think of them often!



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