Crazy Hot Weather….

Hello everyone, I hope warm weather has been getting you outside more to enjoy nature😊🌻! I have been busy gardening, bringing my daughter to softball & practicing with her, and trying to keep up with all my responsibilities this time of year. It’s not only been busy but unseasonably HOT! What a crazy end of May. The whole Memorial Day weekend was in the upper 80s to low 90s (Fahrenheit) which is very warm for this time of year in WI. There has been little rain and a little over a month ago we got 2 feet of snow. Something has gone wacky, even for WI where the weather predictions seem to change hour to hour🤣🤣🤣.

I’ve transplanted half of my plants that I grew from seed and am currently hardening off the rest. My wonderful husband who is in peak rummage sale season, he does resale for a living, just found and bought some amazing planters!! Thankfully, I’ll now have room for the rest of my transplants since I got a bit over zealous with my starters again this year.

One nice thing about starting too many plants is having some to gift to others. My aunt just had her 70th birthday, and I was able to give her a Calendula plant that I grew myself; my daughter believes, even though it was not flowering yet, she liked my plant best due to the sentimental value💕.

Even with the hot weather my herbs seem to be doing very well. I’m excited to be growing a medicinal California Poppy plant this year and excited that it already has buds on it!!

The rhubarb bolted really early and my blueberry plant leaves started to dry out and whither. I read to see what the cause could be and it is a sign of drought stress. There has been some rain showers since I discovered this issue, and I will be sure to keep an eye on it to be sure it doesn’t get too dry anymore.

My first tinctures this year are in the beginning stages of extraction. I found some Shepherd’s Purse and also have lots of Catmint & Raspberry Leaf, so I combined the last two into a dual tincture and was able to start a small batch for the Shepherd’s Purse. I am also trying my hand at concocting some glycerites this year and my first is a Catmint one for the kids.

I’m also back to making herbal water.

It is so refreshing and purifies it in such a natural and delicious way! My Anise Hyssop even adds a bit of sweetness❣️ I’m in my prime again and it’s delightful 🌞🌻!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my emerging garden…..

Have a beautiful weekend!!🌻🌞💕



5 thoughts on “Crazy Hot Weather….

  1. It has been crazy hot here in NE all through May and dry in our area of the state.
    Luckily my husband planted radishes and a small head lettuce we really like called
    Tom Thumb early on and we have had bumper crops of both. The tomatoes are loving
    the sun and heat much more than am I! Take care, Anne.

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