How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s that time of year when everything is on the verge of popping & ready to bloom. My patience runs thin but is subdued by roses and poppies. Then there are the beautiful peas that are ripe for the pickin! We’ll see what comes next…..???????

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the wonderful herbs and plants on the verge of bursting open…..

Bee Balm


Then there are some that have already started to bloom and fill the garden with color. I planted a lot of pea seeds this year for the kids to munch on and there are three varieties. The fun surprise was all the different colored flowers they have!



The grapes and wild raspberries are looking promising and the poppies came back like crazy in my herb garden. They also pop up in random places around the yard. I guess there will be no need to use the last of the seeds I had since they are so easy to grow now that they are self seeding all over the place!

The temperatures are starting to rise and most of my plants are loving it! Now we just need more rain because its hard to keep them all watered, and there is nothing quite like a good natural soaking to quench a garden’s thirst.

Have a wonderful day/night and enjoy the marvels and beauty of nature!




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