Lesson Learned & Updated Shop Name….

Well, there are always new things to be learned. I am now on Lesson 2 of my new herbal course and it has given me light to the language that is to be avoided by herbalists so as not to appear to be diagnosing, treating, or giving the impression that an herbalist is practicing medicine of any sort.

With thisย  new found knowledge, I felt impelled; even though I have clearly stated disclaimers on my website and tincture bottles, to change my shop name. One of the words that should be avoided is heal/healing. Though it was just a shop name & chosen mainly because BackyardHerbalist was already taken by another person on Etsy, I have decided to change my shop name. The old one will redirect to the updated one, but I thought I would share this information & website name. Unfortunately, my bottles of tinctures will still have the old name for awhile since I cannot afford to reprint everything. Any new bottle labels will be switched to the new name though.

Here it is!


Have a wonderful day & keep learning; there’s always something new to discover=)!!!



6 thoughts on “Lesson Learned & Updated Shop Name….

  1. Reading the small print on prescribed drugs is always an eye opener and quite off putting! Caution I guess with any prescriptive medicine and herbs too. A friend in business said avoiding complaints and disappointments was all about managing expectations and guess that is key for herbal remedies too. I swear by my oregano oil for me but not sure about its impact on others. Reading about the properties within different plants is intriguing.


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