Lessons 1-3….

I have completed the first three lessons in my Introductory Herbal Class: Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course. These first three sections have taught me a lot about proper language, laws/regulations, & proper etiquette as an herbalist. It is not super stringent as far as licensing goes (herbalists in the United States do not need any formal licensure), but there are certain cases where people have been sued by customers/clients due to improper use of language or services. From what I’ve read it is mostly for appearing to be practicing medicine or claiming to be a physician/doctor. Yet, one thing they mentioned was to not use the words heal/healing & this led me to feel impelled to change the title/name of my new online Herbal Tincture Etsy Shop to AnnesBackyardHerbal from BackyardHerbHealer. I now know that it is not encouraged to give any impression of prescribing/practicing medicine & it’s important, for legal reasons, to follow these suggestions! That is why I state a disclaimer for all my products: to be sure it is clear that this is suggested, based on personal desires/needs of the individual, and only something that can aid in the body’s balance & wellness if used properly and after consulting a physician if on any other medication(s).

Here are my completed assignments so far:

Overall, the course’s objective is to make sure that herbalists, especially those who plan to do any sort of practicing or business outside of their personal/family use, are aware that the language and intentions for their knowledge & products is carefully worded. The drawback, I feel, is that in a place like the United States where herbal benefits are not readily known and recognized; it can make an herbalist sound unsure & bogus; to put it plainly. All the disclaimers with there “nots,” “probablies,” & “suggestions without definitive basis,” is disheartening for someone who desires to confidently share knowledge, experience, and guidance with people for their overall health & wellness.

My dream is that eventually people in this country, like many others throughout the world, will view herbs as trusted, beneficial, & a necessary part of their daily nourishment. This is my way of trying to spread the ancient knowledge that we somehow, in the US, lost along the way; at least compared to most other cultures around the world.

Connect with your environment; it has a wealth of knowledge and health to share with you if the knowledge is sought & the connections are cherished!!

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6 thoughts on “Lessons 1-3….

  1. It has to be difficult to walk that line between sharing knowledge confidently and not overstepping guidelines. It will take time for people to try products and see the benefits themselves.


  2. I’m a little surprised you uploaded and shared what looked like the whole course! But I’m wrong, right? I think it’s really lovely for you to have full disclosure, but maybe you can cut off or blur some of the book work? I’d hate for you to get in trouble for revealing what is essentially a paid course. And feel free to delete this comment – I won’t be offended. 🙂

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    1. Nope, just the homework. They don’t have drop-down boxes, so I have to document it. All info. read is pages & pages I haven’t shown. It’s just my answers to the questions. Thanks for pointing that out! I could cut out some of the questions 😉.

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      1. Thanks again! I have limited the workbook pages more to mostly just the answers. This was great to point out for the future. I get so excited about the learning, I forget that there are these things to consider when sharing.😥

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