I can’t say “Thank you,” enough (an herbal journey) #herbs #wellness…..

So this morning started off different than I had anticipated, and I feel compelled to just write a quick “thank you” to acknowledge someone I am grateful to have connected to through blogging……(Good Witches Homestead)! Not only did Diana reblog a post of mine, that I wrote yesterday, but she gave me my first online sales on Etsy: AnnesBackyardHerbal (my online herbal wellness store)!! This is what I desperately needed to make me feel like this is worthwhile.

Being a stay at home mom gives us limited income, and we are just very simple people trying to treat ourselves and our environment conscientiously! This passion of mine takes time, money, money, and more money unfortunately. I go to lengths to bring a very quality product on a limited income. The point is; I doubt myself constantly. I love it, but it does give me stress. Luckily, my tinctures are getting me through it (helping with reducing my stress & anxiety as well as boosting my immune system), and a constant reminder that herbs ARE WORTH IT! They have honestly changed my life and how I view the world. The deeper connection with nature is what means more than anything to me!

Growing up there is no way it ever seemed I would find a, “passion,” or “dream.” I tried everything I could, but it never lasted. This is the first thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. That feels AMAZING. Truthfully, its frightening and overwhelming at the same time, but hopefully this is the start to a bright future!=)

Thank you Diana for giving me the inspiration & motivation to keep going! I will never forget it!=)

Your friend,

~Anne (Your Backyard Herbalist)

2 thoughts on “I can’t say “Thank you,” enough (an herbal journey) #herbs #wellness…..

  1. My goodness, what a wonderful surprise! My Dear, you are very much deserved to be recognized for your wonderful herbal tinctures in your shop, as well as your blog. Herbs have been a part of my family since I can remember; my mother and Gramie taught myself and my sisters. We were raised to be teachers, healers, and a natural love for all things green, warm, and fuzzy. You are becoming an herbalist, and with your children, a teacher. Keep up the fabulous works you do. Keep your lovely chin up and never, ever, give up!
    Your friend always,

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    1. I truly cherish every moment I get to do this! It is so neat to hear that this is something passed down for you. What an amazing thing to have been raised with! I know my grandmother gardened a lot but never had the privilege to see her do it, and I had a great, great grandmother that used to make beautiful flowers out of paper; so I’m told. These are the people who I feel are residing in me and helping me to carry on that wonderful connection with nature. My children love nature and this is always a way I can help them connect more. There is nothing quite like being able to identify and form relationships with the flowers and plants around us. I’m so grateful to have connected with you! Have a beautiful day=)~Anne

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