Anise Hyssop Monograph (Agastache foeniculum) #herbs #herbal

This is the latest herbal monograph I have completed. Last year was the first year I introduced Anise Hyssop into the garden. Growing it from seed and transplanting is pretty easy, and it has been a definite favorite of the bees & butterflies! It is one of my ultimate favorites because of its naturally sweet, licorice like flavor plus the wonderful benefits of helping with gastrointestinal issues, fighting colds, soothing the respiratory system, and helping ease coughs.

The purple flowers are beautiful and its been producing plentifully this season. I have made tinctures, glycerites, & dried many of the flowers for when we do our new tradition of herbal Christmas cookies. One of my favorite things to do is dry an array of flowers/leaves knowing how beautiful the cookies will look and delicious they’ll taste!

Now for my Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) monograph:


I found some wonderful scientific research information on Anise Hyssop from the ResearchGate website. I’m not familiar with all the terminology, but just finding out that herbs are still being studied so closely and the information is being recorded by scholars gives me hope that we will soon know so much more about the wonderful actions & benefits they offer our bodies for health & wellness! It has also helped me provide more detailed explanations to include in my monograph and product listings as a way to help people understand the internal benefits associated with this wonderful tasting herb!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day/night!🌞🌃❤️🌹🌱🌻🌿❤️



Anise Hyssop Glycerite Listing

Anise Hyssop Tincture Listing

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