10 days later….

So I have officially been on Facebook for 10 days now, and it has been amazing to reconnect and see support from friends! I really wanted to write this, mainly, to say a huge; THANK YOU💐, to all of those friends who have visited my Etsy shop, blog, or just “liked” & reposted things I have shared about my new small business.

I so appreciate the support and reassurance that this is something worth doing. Even though I love it and there are plenty of personal reasons to continue, there are doubts and thoughts of “Am I just wasting money and time,” that go through my head. Pretty normal stuff, I realize, but not always good for confidence. There’s that little nagging voice that whispers apprehension when pursuing a passion that takes investment and risk.

When people visit my online store, like👍 my posts about my products, and visit my blog to show you care enough to see what this is about, it means the world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you💞💞💞💐💐!

To my dear friend, Brittany, who has now taken the time to come to my house, explore my herbal process, and even purchased several of my tinctures; THANK YOU💕! It’s so much harder to convince myself to keep going without this encouragement🤗. I feel like a flower that has finally emerged out of the dark and is just sprouting. Hopefully blossoming into a full, brightly colored flower with enough rain🌧️, sunshine🌞, and even some wind & storms⛈️🌫️. We’ll see how strong my roots and stem really are!

I actually just returned a wonderful book to the library that my son grew to love and therefore, made me read to him each night, before bed, for the past few weeks: Rooting for You . As my son would say, “A moving up story.” He always had to say that after I read the main title of the book. It’s the perfect story for expressing, simply, in a way we can easily relate to; how many of us feel about new situations, endeavors, and risks. Children’s books can often express these feelings in such a poignant, visual, & clever way!

It’s one of those books that we randomly chose, but then it was superlative for this time of our lives; him starting 4k and me pursuing the selling of my herbal wares.



–Quote copied from http://www.curatedquotes.com/thank-you-quotes/

Love Always💕🌱🌿🌻🌹,

P.S. For those of you who have “hearted❤️” my Etsy shop I greatly appreciate!! Please help me out, if you would, & let me know in the comment’s section on here or on Facebook if the coupon code is showing up for the 10% off discount. Thanks!!

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