Herbal Remedies for Anxiety & Stress….

Since starting to promote my herbal remedies more and having some great people support my business by asking questions & visiting my herbal store online: AnnesBackyardHerbal, I have been asked more than anything else….”What do you suggest for anxiety and stress?” Of course this is a common question since it seems that we are all overwhelmed by our jobs, family obligations, busy schedules, stress and even trauma. It doesn’t go away just because we have lives to live. We need to be able to function, feel healthy, and not have to also deal with the up and down side-affects most over the counter medications cause. So I wanted to talk about a few of the tinctures and glycerites I offer that, if you too are looking for something to help with this, may be a great addition to your wellness routine!

Remember these herbal remedies are supposed to be taken daily as a preventative way to help your internal body heal itself and most work to “adapt” to what your specific needs are. The constituents in herbs that are released by the process of maceration when these are being prepared, soaked & shaken for a month, allows all the beneficial tannins, flavonoids, resins, volatile oils, minerals and nutrients to reside in the finished product. Then these liquids that I have prepared and offer can be added, easily, to a small glass of water; warm tea; juice, as examples, to give a boatload of nutrition and health to your body!

This is how prevention works and its gives you a stronger, healthier system. Kind of like exercise for your insides. If you ingest the right beneficial herbs, it can reverse issues; heal; and strengthen. The best is that most all herbal remedies will at least help you fight off colds/flus which is a plus, and in a way, a more effective way than medicine just numbing the symptoms once you have them. As long as you have researched possible side-effects they may have with other medications you are on, they are usually very safe and have minimal risks.

The three main herbal supplements I offer for stress and anxiety are: Lemon Balm, Catmint, & Motherwort. All three are offered in tincture form (alcohol based) but Lemon Balm & Catmint are also available in a glycerite (vegetable glycerin based). The tinctures can always be added to hot water and let to sit for a few minutes which will dissipate the alcohol but leave you with the beneficial herbal constituents.

The glycerites I make with children in mind. They are sweeter and safer. My children personally love them and ask for them daily. Some highly beneficial & safe ones are the two listed here as well as Raspberry Leaf, Goldenrod and Plantain.

I will go over some basic information about the three herbal remedies mentioned above and also give links to my store listings in case you want to explore more about these products or purchase any.

lemon balm tincture

Lemon Balm is a daily herbal supplement I take. During PMS I tend to get cold sores and this has been the most effective way to keep them at bay and get rid of them if there is any sign of one starting to flare up. It can be used externally too when in tincture form. I would suggest mixing it with an oil infusion (also offered in my store for topical skincare/ointment applications) Skincare Oil Infusions. I would suggest Calendula oil or Rose for this to boost healing & promote the reduction process: Rose Oil listing, Calendula Oil listing, or Calendula/Yarrow/Comfrey/Rose Oil listing.

Lemon Balm Tincture Listing

Lemon Balm Glycerite Listing

Internally Lemon Balm also fights cold sores as well as, decreases anxiety through its known calming affects. It can also induce sleep & has antioxidant/anti-allergenic/anti-inflammatory/antibacterial properties due to its various constituents including. but not limited to, flavonoids; phenolic acids; and tannins.

Since I use fresh herbs for all of my glycerites and tinctures, the readily available nutrients & minerals are pulled out of the fresh herb which is much more potent and effective than many dried teas that have sat for long periods of time. Many herbs lose potency when sitting for too long; just like many fruits and vegetables, so that is why I grow them fresh and harvest fresh making sure to process them quickly! Even drying can, depending on the herb, make an herb ineffective very quickly.

Catmint is one that is recommended for anxiety and restlessness, especially in children. It can also help with colic, reduce fevers/cold symptoms, it’s antispasmodic, is a mild nervine, and for women can reduce cramping and induce menstrual flow if you have issues having a regular period. It’s also known to reduce flatulence. It’s benefits come from a long list of constituents but here are some major ones it is known for: thymol, citronellal(anti-fungal properties), & carvacrol.


Catmint Tincture Listing

Catmint Glycerite Listing

The last one is Motherwort. This I only have in tincture form and personally have found it very beneficial for relieving irritability and stress as a mother. It’s also known as a heart tonic, decreases muscle spasms, balances thyroid function, and can be very effective in reducing PMS & menopause symptoms. It is also know for helping regulate women’s periods. This is one I use regularly and have found to be highly effective. Luckily it grows like a weed around here so it is one I have a lot of in stock!

Motherwort contains the constituents Vitamin A, diterpenes, alkaloids, & flavonoids. Click on each one to see what types of benefits these provide for the body!

Motherwort Tincture Listing

One more safe and calming tincture that I offer is Honey Rose. We all are familiar with roses, they are a very safe herb, and when mixed with raw local honey; as I have done for this specific tincture, creates a tasty and effective tincture for calming the system and strengthening the heart. It is beneficial for the stomach, liver, lessens inflammation, and cleanses the body of bile and phlegm. Rose contains terpenes, glycosides, vitamin C, fatty acids, & phenolics.


I hope this helps with better explaining the herbal products that I create and offer in my online store: AnnesBackyardHerbal

I truly believe in the benefits and healing qualities of my herbal products and thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about them. If you have any questions please message me on my store site and I will be happy to help!

Next post I plan to go into further explanation about my herbal skincare oils/ointments and complimentary tinctures for skincare and first aid needs!


Love Always,

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