Gin Soaked Raisins…..#preventativehealth & #herbalbenefits

A lot of people are familiar with the benefits of Gin Soaked Golden Raisins. This is the same concept behind herbal tinctures, glycerites & oil infusions, but instead of leaving the herbal goodness in the extract, it is strained so chunks of ground up herb aren’t remaining. The cloth that’s used to strain is even squeezed as much as possible before discarding the marc (used herbal leftovers).

Straining herbal tincture

Elderberry syrup is another example of an extract, just like the ones I create!

What’s left is the liquid saturated with minerals, nutrients, & herbal constituents that are often lost in the drying process.


A simple solution to adding body balancing, immune boosting, & wellness benefits to your daily routine. Just add some drops in water, juice, smoothie, kombucha, etc.; drink, & go!!


Herbs are a miracle for me. I’ve suffered since I was born with IBS, which led to me having an anal fissure at 2 that required surgery. I had to do the same procedure as a colonoscopy, including drinking the dreaded drink! No one knew or diagnosed it as such back then, so the diarrhea emergencies, all too often and at least once a month by the time I was 10, were deemed a “sensitive stomach.” This led to so many nutrient & mineral deficiencies. It still would and does I when I don’t take care myself right!

I have a severe nut allergy and so far only know of pecans being a nut I can eat. Peanuts are the most severe. I also suffer from outdoor and animal allergies (cats, pollen, mold, dust, bunnies…). I’ve had acute asthma before a few times and have been anemic most of my life. The worst is the very heavy periods I have; which is technically called menorrhagia. My immune system crashes, and my hormones go wacky so this is the time I get depressed because my body gets so worn out. It’s like a monthly handicap for 3-4 days; EVERY month.

I had years, in my early to mid-twenties, of having painful breakouts on my face. Mostly my chin, and the soreness of them was unbearable. Then having a skin picking disorder, excoriation, caused huge lumps on my chin that were red, irritated and led to social anxiety, self-consciousness, and lots of self-doubt. I would literally look at myself in the mirror 10-20 times a day which just led to more stress/anxiety and more breakouts. I didn’t want to be seen, I felt disgusting and bad for anyone who had to see me this way!

I also have to share that since I have been 21 & had my first blood work done to test for cholesterol, it’s been high or borderline high every time. Even with significant attention to diet, I have never eaten a lot of meat, and even when I was exercising more often than now, it’s never been in the normal range. I just went in this morning, after 2 years now of incorporating herbs into my daily regiment, and my numbers are FINALLY, in the normal range. I’m blown away. It’s something that is probably genetic but seems like, without prescribed medicine, I was able to lower with herbal extracts!!!!

These are the numbers…..

1/6/2010: Cholesterol-191, Triglyceride-68, HDL-51, LDL-128 & Non-HDL-140…..then 10/20/2016: Cholesterol-217, Triglycerides-94, HDL-76, LDL-122 & Non-HDL-141…..10/15/2018: Cholesterol-191, Triglycerides-44, HDL-80, LDL-102, & Non-HDL-111

Significantly raised the HDL(good) cholesterol and got the LDL to my lowest yet!!

Over the years I’ve tried birth control, prescription anxiety medication, diet changes, vitamins, essential oils, lots of face products….SO MANY! Yet, my top solutions are herbs (tea & extracts), sleep, water, & exercise (includes yoga & breathing)!!

Balance is, and will always be, my ultimate motto!! Everything needs, wants, and desires equilibrium πŸŒžπŸŒ‘β˜―οΈβš–οΈ.

Another thing that stands out to me about extracts, whether for internal or external use, is the very limited but pure & natural ingredients. None of these have more than 3 ingredients altogether: herbs, liquid, & maybe distilled water(glycerites) or vitamin E oil(skincare oil infusions).

Thanks for listening! I really, truly, stand by my products. If they are used properly, they will bring health, wellness, and you closer to body balance 🌿β™₯οΈβš–οΈ. If you ever have questions please message me: or through my online herbal shop…..AnnesBackyardHerbal

“Plants are nature’s gift to us through their beauty, health saving nutrients, and a lifeline by giving us the air we need to breath! Embrace their healing benefits.”

Love AlwaysπŸ’ž,

9 thoughts on “Gin Soaked Raisins…..#preventativehealth & #herbalbenefits

    1. Pretty good, Asha. I’ve joined Facebook and am frustrated that my posts from here have been getting marked as Spam. Have you ever encountered this issue? Social media is so consuming! I’m just really trying to start my business & navigate through it all. How are you?


      1. Yes, Anne. I am well aware of this issue. Have been a victim several times myself. I have a Facebook page and if I have to share my posts from the blog on there, it wouldn’t let me. It truly is annoying. I haven’t found a way around as that kind of problem happens randomly.
        I have been okay. And I am glad to know about your business. What is it about? Im sure it must be exciting and exhausting, all at once.

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      2. Just starting to sell my herbal products here in the US. I have an online shop on Etsy and plan to do a local boutique sale in a few weeks. Thanks for letting me know, Asha. That makes me realize I’m not the only one! Have a great day 🌞❀️!

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