Rosemary Monograph (Rosmarinus officinalis) #herbs #benefits #preventativehealth….

My goal, as always, is to do more herbal monographs as the cold weather sets in & my garden, sadly, is in dormancy for the winter months. Before my recent; first time ever, in-person sale, I decided it was time to do a few more of these and finally sat down to complete one that is a recent addition to my herbal wellness routine: Rosemary! Well, my goal was to also complete one on Sage, Catmint, Goldenrod, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm….the list goes on and on. At least I was able to complete this one before the sale, and due to my hard work completing the herbal guidelines & information pamphlets, I had plenty of good references for potential customers. Realistically, there was so many other things to prep that it was unrealistic to think I could do this before the deadline. Oh, then there are ALL the family/household duties that are constantly popping up. At least I have the next 5 months of cold, blustery, darker days to work on this goal=)!!

I did, on the other hand, complete some small informational cards about the skincare oils I was selling which were like mini monographs and helped me learn more about the various benefits each of these oils has to offer. One thing that really stood out to me was their ability to help ward off germs and bacteria due to most of them having strong antibacterial & antiseptic benefits. It gave me a whole new reason to love oil infusions. Those herbs make these a great way to moisturize, heal, and CLEAN the skin!!

All this preparation was partially motivated by the need to have resources as well as my naturally nervous, anxious self thinking, “What have you gotten yourself into,” “Do you really think you can do this & will anyone even buy anything or are you just wasting your time?” What great self-dialogue, right? Well, this is my natural tendency but luckily, it is also a great motivator to make sure I am prepared and have all my ducks in a row; as they say=). It was another test for the real effectiveness of my anti-stress/anxiety herbal remedies as well (Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Sage, Motherwort). I do have to say that even with the unsureness and anxiousness of the anticipated day, it did not cause me to lose any sleep nor did I feel very nervous the day of the event. Once there and set-up, I felt ready to share my love of herbs and explain my products to those interested!

I never actually, due to lack of space on the table, shared my recent herbal monograph, but they are always something I post here on my blog. It is a great reference for learning about all the wonderful benefits of herbs. As always, the research that I do helps me to further gain knowledge, form closer relationships, and retain a little more beneficial information each time I read, draw, and document the herbs. Here is my Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) monograph:


I am so very grateful for the amazing experience I had at the local craft sale last Saturday. Sometimes you just need to go out of your comfort zone to prove to yourself what you are truly capable of! The sales were great, but the BEST part of it all was the confidence it gave me, the experience to share & gain useful knowledge of how sales with my products work, as well as what to improve on for next time. Then there’s the most important thing it gave me; the MOTIVATION to keep going!! Thanks to all my amazing friends & family who supported me and continue to on this journey. My appreciation is beyond words, and I am so grateful for all of you!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anne (AnnesBackyardHerbal Etsy Shop)❤️🌿❤️🌿

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