#Herbs for Boosting Immunity (#vlog #guide)…

Thanks for taking the time to read & watch!! Here is another informational video to help you learn a little more about some of my herbal products that help boost your immune system this time of year. The pamphlet I’ve put together goes over each herb that is used in my products, but since it is difficult for people to find time to go over reading materials, I thought it would be useful to do more videos going over some of the herbal research I’ve done. This way you can just watch/listen and learn while even doing something else😊.

I hope this has helped you gain more understanding of some of the specific herbal products I offer and what they’re helpful for. Remember glycerites should be chosen for children since they are alcohol-free.

My last vlog post talks about the basics of the products I sell and explains how to incorporate them into your wellness routine. It can be found here: How to use my herbal products tutorial.

It’s my hope that I can guide you through the beginning of your herbal journey so you can discover the amazing benefits of herbs, as I have, to add power; health; & vital nutrients/minerals to your wellness routine. A little each day goes a long way!!


Anne 🌿❤️☯️

My Herbal Store


The research I have compiled is not meant to be a medical treatment or cure. It is based on information I have gathered and should be read as a suggestion/basic information for educational purposes. I have used most of the extracts I am discussing and welcome any questions you have about the product! Glycerites & tinctures are commonly used as an addition to a wellness routine for body balance & health support.

If you have not used herbal remedies and are unsure about possible side effects please do thorough research or contact a naturopathic or medical doctor. If you are taking any other medications ALWAYS consult a physician/pharmacist before incorporating any herbs into your diet. Most herbs are not recommended for women who are pregnant/breastfeeding. Use with caution and if any adverse reactions occur, immediately discontinue use.

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