Concentrated Herbal Liquid Extracts (#herbs, #preventativehealth, #wellness, #bodybalance)…….

The quote you see below is by the Herbal Academy online; which is the herbal school I have studied at. It really sums up my philosophy of how herbs should be used:

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Part of my herbal go-to supply for health promotion & immunity boosting is incorporating a variety of 4-6 herbal tinctures/day into my wellness routine. You can take less or more, but it’s one of the best “supplements” you can take. Crafted at peek season for a quality, small batch affect & taste. Oh, and just like other supplements, they don’t always taste the best, but we can use or mix them with glycerites to bring some sweetness or a tea/juice that disguises the flavor more.

I’ve read over & over that the MAIN benefit of tinctures & glycerites made from fresh herbs is the quality & concentration of the product for our body. Tea loses potency after drying & sitting on shelves for who knows how long. Even locally grown & dried herbs will lose effectiveness each day they sit. This is not the case with tinctures or glycerites.

Tinctures have an unending shelf life, & glycerites are good for at least a year, if refrigerated. Their potency remains, & the freshness has been savored through the amazing & highly effective extraction process; especially with tinctures.

I harvest & macerate the majority of my herbs within an hour. Even when I wild harvest/forage it is no more than 2 hours that the herb goes from growing to being chopped up & covered in menstruum. This just can’t be said for dried herbs. Tea is wonderful, but I find it to be even better & more effective with fresh herbal tinctures/glycerites added to my cup of wellness🍵🌿!!

It’s that time of year again when the constant exposure to colds/flues/sicknesses just never ends. It’s time to boost the system for stronger💪 resistance & shorter duration/severity. In addition to restful sleep, water intake, exercise & a balanced, nutritious diet (soup & bone broth are my go-tos this time of year) herbal extracts will be that extra bit of power the body NEEDS to be better equipped for this long season of cold, dark & germy environment.

Oh & did I mention it’s easy & super convenient? IT IS!! I’ve noticed my products are pretty reasonably priced compared to most (1oz tincture for $10 opposed to $15-25) because I truly want everyone to be able to incorporate some powerful herbal nutrients, minerals & therapeutic benefits to their daily lifestyle!! Quality doesn’t have to cost you😉.

Thanks for reading & check out my herbal store, with a few new products at: Anne’s Backyard Herbal




4 thoughts on “Concentrated Herbal Liquid Extracts (#herbs, #preventativehealth, #wellness, #bodybalance)…….

      1. Thank you Anne for creating wonderful tincture’s that have helped me out immensly. I do owe you a huge “Thank you” for my recent aquisitions from your herbal store. My lacking in etiquite is dully noted on my part. Thank you ever so much for creating such fabulous tinctures and all that you do for the herbal community. Cheer’s my dear and Happy New Year!

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