Motherwort for the Heart…

This is a post about Motherwort that I did almost a year ago. After having this amazing herb come up in a couple of conversations with friends, who have been kind enough to order my tinctures, I thought it was one I should share again! A wonderful woman, Diana, has honored me in so many ways since I have opened my path to herbalism as a small business, and her blog is one every person interested in the amazing power of plants should follow:

My Herbal Adventures...

While reading a blog post from CrookedBearCreek on WordPress, a blog I follow and find very useful & informational as an aspiring herbalist, I realized it would be clever to focus my monthly herbal monograph around a theme; based on what month it is. This made me think, as I read that post at the end of January, that my February monograph would be an herb related to the heart since this month is filled with love and hearts. For me it is not just Valentine’s Day, it is also my wedding anniversary. My husband and I got married on a snow filled, February day, 5 years ago. A simple, affectionate day joined by a few close family members with an intimate celebration to follow our courthouse ceremony.

Motherwort is not only beneficial for the heart but is also a calming herb for mothers; especially when dealing with PMS or…

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