The Basics of Exploring Herbs….(#herbs, #introduction, #howtouse, #gettingtoknow)

Listen to this podcast🎧 for an amazing beginner, FUN tutorial about the basics of getting to know herbs!! Herbal Marie is a lover of herbs & wants everyone to discover the benefits of them for eating, growing, vitamins, smelling, drinking & more.

It begins with a definition of what an herb is, pronunciation & continues to go through the basics. If you know one herb😉🌿, you should discover more. They truly have SO MUCH to offer!!!

Herbal Marie Podcast: You Can Know Nothing About Herbs

I want everyone to really be able to grow some sort of relationship with the herbs all around us & this is a way you can just listen to a clever & funny lover of herbs; give as basic of an introduction as is possible. I loved listening to it knowing this can really connect with ANYONE. You can truly know NOTHING & that’s okay. Start from here & grow; just like the herbs!!

Thanks for reading & don’t forget to stop & smell the herbs💚🌹!!


Anne Herbal Store 💚🌿🌾🍊

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