Thank you to my fairy godmother…. (#herbalism, #goodwitcheshomestead, #herbaljourney)

Do you have a fairy godmother? Someone who appears all of a sudden over & over just when you need her most. Well I never thought a magical woman with kindness, good tidings & the wisdom of a fairy godmother would manifest in my life, but it seems one has. It is an honor to have been found and supported by this amazing woman who is a natural born herbalist and has all the knowledge and credentials to make me feel that there is not enough of my lifetime left to catch up to her wisdom. Yet, she has chosen to be a guide, an advocate & a friend to me from miles and miles away. I have never met her face to face, but hopefully someday I can. Luckily, the internet and its ways of connecting us through the various social media outlets, especially blogging, have led me to her and her to me! Who is it? Well her name is Diana and her amazing blog is Good Witches Homestead. She is like a bit of a miracle to me, and I will forever be grateful for her support through this blog, my herbal shop, my Facebook Page & even Twitter.

Every time she likes something of mine I feel like a touch of magic✨ and wisdom📖 has been added to my herbalist journey. It is a reminder that my path, which includes doubt and criticism in my mind too often, is truly one of importance and purpose. When this journey starts to seem like it is all a childish dream; the crazy idea that others would want to partake in this world of herbs with me, her approval encourages me that it is not just for myself and my family, and that there ARE others who appreciate the quality and care I put into my products. Through simple gestures like “sharing↪️” my blog posts or the posts I publish on my Instagram and share to Facebook; it is a reminder that if SHE sees potential in me and my journey as an herbalist, then that is just another reason, each time, to keep going and stay dedicated to this passion.

There are so many times I have cried and felt like it is all a waste of money and that it is selfish, as a mother and wife in a one income household, to think this could amount to anything monetarily. Buying all the supplies it takes to make a quality product on a limited income when it could be spent elsewhere. Then there she “appears” again & is buying some of my products and letting others know that I am her “Go to tincture lady.” That is a compliment that I hold so dear and cherish❤️ always. This is someone whose mother and grandmother brought her up with the magic and connection to this homesteading lifestyle of being herbalists, and she has so much knowledge and connection to the world of plants, herbs, crystals and things I have not even begun to understand. My gratitude for her support and belief in me will never go unnoticed, and I hope everyone will visit and follow her Facebook Page: Good Witches Homestead Facebook Page.

Both sites have an amazing amount of information about everything witch & natural world related: homesteading, tarot, crystals, astrology, herbs, gardening, lunar phases & just care and appreciation for our Earth and environment. It has been an amazing reference for me as I continue to study the plethora of information there is to know about herbs and their benefits for our well-being.

Since I haven’t posted for awhile, I also want to share that my new endeavors have been making some lip balms & a body salves with my oil infusions. It is also almost seed starting time! The sun is shining🌞 more often & our winter weather is turning slightly more springish☘️. We are leaving tomorrow as a family for a bit of a road trip, but my next task when I get back is to get some seeds sown and start planning for this years additions to the herb garden=)!!

My favorite place to post my journey and photos is on Instagram at: AnnesBackyardHerbal

Thank you again Diana for all you do and have done for me on this journey of mine!❤️🌿💜🌿💚🌿💙🌿🖤

Love always,


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6 thoughts on “Thank you to my fairy godmother…. (#herbalism, #goodwitcheshomestead, #herbaljourney)

  1. My Dearest Anne,
    Blessings and Spring Tidings
    My heart is so full of joy, and a bit overwhelmed with this beautiful accolade. Thank you so much.
    I bow to you my dear, your heart is forever loving and a testament to giving of yourself not only to your precious family but the world as a whole. You have shared your passion, knowledge of being an herbalist, and herbal gardener, also as a loving mother and wife. Your soul shines like none other I have seen in many a year. I believe in you! Your herbals are a secondary to the magic that resides in you as a woman, a mother, and a healer.
    I have been called many things in my life but a “fairy godmother” is to be cherished forever. Again, thank you!
    I will always stand behind you, your herbals are divine and I will always use them and promote them, I feel the world needs to know who you are, what you stand for, and of course the fabulous products you make.
    Also, my dear, never give up. You have so much to share with all of us. I am very familiar with the overwhelming gifts we are given each day and what one may endure within ourselves, raising a family, and the whatnots-and where-with-alls of life. Hang in there, the future holds such wonderful surprises for you.
    My love always, Diana

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