#Herbal #Terminology & #Basic Herbal #Information…

One of my goals with being an herbalist is to always be researching & learning as much as possible. I also want to be able to share my herbal knowledge with others in a way that will help you grasp what herbal remedies are used for & what each type of product is. In a few weeks I will be selling at a local sale

and needed a new, up-to-date pamphlet for easy reference for those interested in products. This required more research, making sure the information was thorough, but not too difficult to read, & including as many of the herbs I use as possible. It really helps me retain more knowledge each time I do this.

I hpe this reference material gives a thorough, easy to read explanation of the many benefits of tinctures, glycerites, & skincare oil infusions!!!

These pamphlets have also been a great help to me with writing my online listings. I did the research to make an easy reference tool for myself, to learn & to help you understand the plethora of amazing benefits herbs have to offer for wellness & preventative health!



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4 thoughts on “#Herbal #Terminology & #Basic Herbal #Information…

  1. Good to see how your project is developing. I find oregano oil very useful with cavracol I think as an anti bacteria component. However, seems to be very expensive and grows wild here so need to make it myself! You inspire me to try.

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