Lessons learned and traditions #BellinRun……..

On my son’s 4th birthday, June 9, 2018; I completed a local 10k run/walk with my daughter. She is 10 1/2, the same age I was when my dad and I did Al’s Run in Milwaukee, WI and had this amazing picture taken……..

It is a moment in time I will cherish and never knew I would. When my daughter requested to do this with me, I hesitated since I am not a fan of running. Then I realized she is almost the exact same age I was when my dad and I ran together! Not only that, but this is the first year in a long time that my body is in the shape it needs to be in order to sustain itself for something like this. Since last fall I have been working out weekly at the YMCA. By altering my weekly routine the week before the Bellin Run, it allowed me to figure out a pace and feel fairly confident that I could make it through.

We did it! My daughter did not train as much as she should have to get her body physically ready and set a pace for herself, but with my motivation as well as, the sprinklers and water stations (not to mention a kringle pastry being served) along the way, she completed the run with me in just under an hour and a half. It is awesome to have done this with her and start a new tradition?…..we’ll see=)!

What a wonderful memory & great way to commemorate getting in shape!!💪💕

My garden continues to grow but it has been very dry so far🌞. Here’s a peek into what’s been happening…..

I’m so eager to see more blossoms and start more tinctures!!🌻Have a beautiful day/night!



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