Motherwort Arrives…..

I have grown to fall in love with this herb for it’s ability to tame my borderline psychotic behavior during PMS and, honestly, the irritability of every day life as a mother and wife. It truly calms my heart and reduces the mental and physical fatigue of my monthly period symptoms. Which for me is a godsend because out of all my personal issues as a human being, I truly feel my periods are my ultimate curse. They have been causing me strife for over 20 years now; EVERY MONTH!

The odd thing is I was afraid to take Motherwort tincture at first because it is known to trigger bleeding (suffering from menorrhagia made this a concern for me) and can be helpful for women who have irregular periods. Yet, being beneficial for the heart and its ability to lessen PMS symptoms as well as, curb anxiety; especially that which specifically relates to motherhood, I decided to start taking some. My discoveries were a pleasant surprise!

It seems, at least for me, that it acts as an adaptogenic herb. This is now an herbal tincture I take 2-3 times a day. The difference has been very noticeable for me which is why this week was so wonderful! The Motherwort out in the back of my house finally flowered, and I was able to harvest two basketfuls and start jars upon jars of tinctures!!

This is definitely one I hope to sell in the store because I want it’s benefits to help others and I can truly advocate, first-hand, of its amazing preventative abilities against anxiety, stress, and reducing PMS symptoms; especially irritability, without making me bleed more.






Here’s a link to more detailed information about the benefits and side affects of Motherwort.

The Earth is our home and provides us with all we need; be kind and treat it with reciprocal respect & love! We truly only have one and it is so precious. Planting and harvesting is a gift like no other. Begin to grow even a small garden and reap its rewards while discovering so much more about who you are and the environment you live in!



P.S. The tattoo on my arm is a Pisces sign, in case you are wondering. The first tattoo I got when I was 18. I’ve had many different speculations of what it might be, including a Playboy bunny which is not what I would want someone to assume. I have always loved my Zodiac sign and was super excited to get this declaration when I turned legal age! Have a beautiful day/night & happy Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere=)!!

5 thoughts on “Motherwort Arrives…..

  1. Wow. I had no idea. Herbs are amazing, aren’t they? Sometimes when I dream of princes and princesses and dragons, I think, I’d like to have a useful skill like knowing my plants and herbs!

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