I Took the Plunge….

So, I did it. I finally decided to jump in and connect. It’s not something that was easy or without hesitation. I wanted to connect, but I have always been timid about large social situations and that goes for social media as well. A wonderful friend of mine, Claire, suggested, after I was explaining the pressure to join Facebook–since it is time to promote my passion and new business–that I go on Instagram instead. Kindly, she showed me the basics of how it works & this was enough to make me feel more comfortable with understanding how to utilize it for documenting and sharing my love of EVERYTHING herbal and my family. Then the site itself started to suggest I promote my photos. This would require a Facebook account.

Ugh………..is how I felt. Do I do it? Okay, I’ll try it and just put my toe in and test the waters. Well, that was about 5 days ago, and it is going much better than I thought it would; except the promotion on Instagram failed to tell me there was a cost, so I didn’t even end up doing it. Since I was an avoider & procrastinator, there is now a lot I have to learn about utilizing Facebook as a way to connect to friends and promote my small business, but it has been pretty painless. Yet, moderating my technology time will be the real challenge. There is so much to look at and read; my goodness it could get me lost and wandering for hours and hours if I’m not careful.

There was this urge to reach out because it is the first time I have created something that I truly and wholeheartedly believe in: the importance of herbal remedies, gardening, & health/wellness. I am so compelled to share this passion with the world & help heal others! The foundation is prevention with herbs & they have done wonders for my overall health, physical & mental, so I felt it was definitely time to admit; I have to put myself all out there. If this is going to reach those who are seeking natural ways to living a healthier lifestyle through wellness & prevention, & therefore want to explore the amazing benefits of herbal remedies; it was time to take the plunge.

I’ve seen so many people trying to reverse the bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, and poor nutrition they were raised on after things have gotten out of control. The approach is often quick fixes and lost battles that end up reversing themselves once the endurance wears off. My approach is balance, moderation, exercise (mostly yoga and cardio), and herbs, herbs, herbs!! This means I take my herbal remedies daily, just like we would take a vitamin or probiotic (which I also take daily). Once I started to incorporate my herbal tinctures, glycerites, & oil infusions both internally and in my skincare routine; the results were tremendous. I’m healthier, get sick way less, have less anxiety/depression, have reduced my menorrhagia significantly, and my skin heals quicker and breaks out way less than it has in years! These are results that I never experienced with anxiety medication, birth control, just exercising, or just eating right. It has been a phenomenal transformation without negative side-effects🤗.

It’s always important to research herbs, their actions/benefits, and any adverse issues that could occur based on your individual health & medications you are taking. Yet, they tend to be safer and have less adverse affects than most over the counter medications. I like to think of it in relation to what may happen with food. Some food is healthy but should be cooked so it does not cause digestive discomfort, maybe should only be consumed at certain times of the day or should just not be mixed with other foods/medications (ex. Vitamin A foods with the blood thinner-Warfarin). There are certainly some herbs that would be beneficial for very specific issues, so it would be important to consider how often/if you take them, and then there are some that are good for overall health and wellness for almost anyone, such as: Lemon Balm, Catmint, Calendula, Anise Hyssop, & Raspberry Leaf. These are herbs that grow easily in my backyard garden and can be found extensively in my native area. These are not foreign to us and are easier to connect with than some of the herbal plants in Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine. When we start to research & discover the amazing benefits of our native herbs, it is something our bodies as well as our environment benefit from. The healing power of nature is so symbiotic and connect humans with the plants, insects, animals, and magic that emanates from it all🐝🌻🌞!

So here is a link to my Facebook Page….https://www.facebook.com/anne.malcore for those who are interested. My Instagram is….. https://www.instagram.com/annesbackyardherbal/

& of course my herbal shop can be found at…..


(Use coupon code: HERBALIFE2018 for 10% off any orders until the end of the year!)

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, please know there are many other posts about my herbal journey & experiences with gardening and herbal research/studies. Please take a look and browse my herbal shop. I so appreciate your interest, support, and you taking the time to visit and read!!
“Health is wealth & the key to wellness is balance & prevention💕!”
Love Always,

me standing in herb garden

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